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Cloud-based bar code inventory management

AIMS Replenishtm
  • Totally integrated, automated and low cost inventory management.
  • Point of use inventory with defined stocking levels.
  • Bar-coded materials for traceability.
  • Hand-held scanners provide the withdrawal signal.
  • Immediate feedback with automated correspondence.
  • Frequent replenishment to minimize stocking levels.
  • Reporting and reviewing for managing stocking levels and flow.

Self-serve secure cabinets accessible 24/7

AIMS Dispensetm
  • Improved product availability (24/7; Point-of-Use; In-Stock).
  • Reduced crib management costs.
  • Reduced on-hand inventory levels.
  • Pilferage reduction; hoarding elimination.
  • Product standardization.
  • Reduced carrying costs.
  • Reduced procurement costs through auto re-ordering.

Digital commerce platform for registered users

AIMS Commercetm
  • Order by your internal part number.
  • Real-time inventory availability information.
  • User managed reorder templates.
  • Account transaction review (Get PDF copy of Invoice or Order Confirmation).
  • UPS or FedEX tracking.

Systems integration for seamless procurement

AIMS Connecttm
  • Direct connectivity to procurement systems.
  • Substantial labor savings for all parties.
  • Dramatically improved accuracy.
  • A/R issues virtually disappear - Invoiced quantities, pricing and UoM always match the P.O.)
  • Systems integration checks and balances.

Programs customized for large multi-location customers

AIMS Enterprisetm
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Increased inventory accuracy.
  • In-plant stores provide a seamless partnership for mutual growth.
  • Systems integration checks and balances.