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Potting Compounds & Encapsulants

Potting Compounds & Encapsulants are a crucial part of many different electronic applications. Potting or Encapsulant Compounds are liquid compound-based resin systems that are poured over electric components. These liquid compounds are utilized in many different applications including insulation, moisture resistance, shock or vibration resistance, and much more. Potting Compounds & Encapsulants help to extend the lifespan of electronics by ensuring durability and reliability over time.

  • Potting: The potting method employs a case or shell in which to put the device while pouring the liquid compound, covering the device completely. This is the most common method, popular for the quickness of it.
  • Encapsulants: The encapsulation method, sometimes referred to as dip coating, requires the device be dipped wholly into the liquid compound.

Potting compounds and encapsulants are utilized  on printed circuit boards when protection from extreme environmental, mechanical and physical elements are necessary.

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  • Insulcast 504 Casting Epoxy, 9 lb/1 gal, Black

    ID: INS504BLKG
    Mfr ID: 504
    Insulcast 504 is an unfilled 100% solids epoxy resin casting or impregnating material. The product has excellent physical and electrical properties. The standard room temperature curing agent is INSULCURE 8 which gives fast cures and resilient castings.


  • Dow Corning 7 Release Compound, 150g Tub, White/Translucent

    ID: DC7X150G
    Mfr ID: 7X150G
    Dow Corning 7 release compound is a versatile, heat stable, highly effective silicone release agent. Used with plastics, rubber, metals and adhesives, it gives long-lasting release, yet remains inert to most materials.

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  • Dow Corning 93-500 Thixotropic Space Grade Encapsulant

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 93-500
    Dow Corning 93-500 space grade encapsulate is a transparent, room-temperature-curing, solventless silicone material designed for potting, filling, embedding and encapsulating electronic and other equipment for use in the space environment. It is supplied as a nearly colorless, free flowing, low viscosity fluid.


  • 3M DP270 Scotch-Weld™ Potting Compound

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: DP270
    3M Scotch-Weld epoxy potting compound/adhesive DP270 (or 3M Scotch-Weld epoxy potting compound/adhesive 270 B/A) is a two-part, low viscosity epoxy resin system designed primarily for potting, sealing and encapsulation of many electronic components and is available in clear or black. Scotch-Weld epoxy potting compound/adhesive DP270 is noncorrosive to copper and offers good thermal shock resistance and excellent retention of electrical insulation properties under high humidity conditions.

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  • Elantas Electrical Insulation E-4260 Elan-Cast® Two-Part Potting Compound, 11 lb, Black

    ID: E426011LB
    Mfr ID: E 426011LB
    Elan-Tron and Elan-Cast resins are used for potting or casting of low voltage transformers. It is a two-component, filled, epoxy resin system and suitable for use at Class H temperatures.

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  • Elantas E-8112 Epoxylite® Two-Part High Temperature Potting Compound

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: E-8112
    Epoxylite E 8112 hi-temp epoxy is a heat-cured, two-component system consisting of a viscous liquid resin and a finely divided powder hardener. It is provided in pre-measured kits. Epoxylite resins are used in overcoating and impregnation of armatures, stators and coils in motors and generators.


  • Elantas E-813-9 Epoxylite® High Temperature Potting Compound

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: E-813-9
    Epoxylite E 813-9 hi-temp epoxy is a heat-cured, two-component system consisting of a viscous liquid resin and a finely divided powder hardener. It is provided in pre-measured kits. Maintains excellent electrical and physical properties to at least 260 deg C / 500 deg F. Chemical and moisture resistant. Potting and sealing of electrical and electronic components requiring resistance to high temperatures.


  • Elantas Electrical Insulation E-8181 Elan-Cast® Potting Compound, 10 lb Kit, Amber

    ID: EPO818110LB
    Mfr ID: E 818110LB
    Elan-Cast E 8181 epoxy is a two-component, room temperature curing, 100%-solids resin system. It has excellent electrical properties and mineral-filled for improved heat dissipation.


  • Elantas E-8628 Potting Compound

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: E-8628
    Epoxylite hi-temp epoxies are two-component, heat-cured, 100% solids systems. They are supplied in kits containing the appropriate weight of Resin and Hardener. The Resin component is typically a viscous liquid or paste. The Hardener is a finely divided powder. All of the Hi-temp Epoxies are solventless.


  • Elantas Electrical Insulation E-GRC69 Elan-Tron® Two-Part Thixotropic Potting Compound, 0.959 lb Kit

    Mfr ID: E GRC69CART
    Elan-Tron potting compound kit is a two-component, highly thixotropic epoxy system. It is highly thixotropic, non-sagging sealing, patching and adhesive compound for protection of electrical apparatus subject to chemical and corrosive environments and bonding and staking adhesive for electrical and electronic components.


  • Cytec Industries EN-12 Conathane® Conap® Part B Molding and Encapsulating System, 1 gal, Translucent Amber

    Mfr ID: EN12BG
    Conathane EN-11 and EN-12 are two-component, highly flexible liquid polyurethane molding and encapsulating systems that ensure the performance of electrical/electronic assemblies exposed to severe environmental extremes. Elastomers prepared from these systems exhibit the outstanding properties. These systems have also shown exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.


  • Cytec Industries EN-2521 Conathane® Conap® Encapsulant, 1 gal Kit, Dark Brown/Tan or Black

    ID: CONEN2521G
    Mfr ID: EN2521G
    The system features good handling properties and working life. EN-2521 can be cured at room or elevated temperatures without the formation of voids. The cured compound has excellent water resistance and is exceptionally resistant to thermal shock.


  • Loctite 5092 Nuva-Sil® Potting Compound, 300mL Cartridge, Yellow, 10/Case

    ID: LOC28354
    Mfr ID: 28354
    Loctite SI 5092 is used for potting, coating and sealing of various automotive, electronic, military and industrial components. It is highly flexible, enhances load bearing and shock absorbing characteristics of the bond area and it has non-corrosive and low viscosity.


  • Dow Corning MEM-0036 Xiameter® Emulsion, 20kg Pail, White

    ID: 784246-UNI
    Mfr ID: MEM-0036XKG
    Mfr: Xiameter
    Xiameter MEM-0036 emulsion is a 35% actives non-ionic emulsion formulated with a polydimethylsiloxane. Extensive testing has shown that Xiameter MEM- 0036 Emulsion performs comparably to its predecessor.


  • Elantas Electrical Insulation GPED2255G Potting Compound, 5 gal

    ID: PDGPED2255G
    Mfr ID: PED2255G
    Elantas Electrical Insulation GPED2255G Potting Compound.


  • Insulcast RTVS 61M Low Viscosity Potting Compound

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: RTVS 61M
    RTVS 61M is a low viscosity, self-extinguishing transparent RTVS Silicone. RTVS 61M is used in situations where component identification and protection against shock and vibration is needed. Heat can be used to accelerate the cure.


  • Insulcast RTVS 8127 Part B Low Viscosity High Thermal Conductivity Potting Compound, 5 gal, Neutral/Nearly Colorless

    Mfr ID: RTVS8127LVX5GB
    Insulcast RTVS 8127 is a flame retardant, reversion resistant silicone compound. The low viscosity and high thermal conductivity makes the RTVS 8127 ideal for potting dense component packages requiring heat dissipation.


  • Star Technology U91 Potting Compound, 1 qt Kit

    ID: STARU911QT
    Mfr ID: U911Q
    Star Technology U91 Potting Compound.


  • Von Roll 272 Air Dry Masking Agent, 1 gal Can, Black

    ID: VRI272G
    Mfr ID: 272G
    Von Roll 272 Air Dry Masking Agent.


  • Dow Corning 3-8264 Elastomeric Encapsulant

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 8264
    Dow Corning encapsulant is a low viscosity and Self-priming at moderate temperatures.


  • Elantas C383 Elan-Cast® Two-Part Hardener Potting Compound

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: C383
    Elan-Cast C383 is a filled, room temperature cured, two-component epoxy system. It has excellent end-turn sealant, chemical and moisture resistant and pours readily at room temperature.

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