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Delfingen US (New York) makes NU-SLEEVE electrical insulation sleeving consisting of vinyl, silicone rubber and polyacrylate resin coatings over braided fiberglass. Also featuring NU-FLEX HT-1220, HTS-520, and WHS (Wire Harness Sleeve), unsaturated & saturated flame retardant fiberglass sleeving. NU-SLEEVE VPI-155 and VPI-200 Over-Braided sleeving products are for use in winding coils, and AG-155-S, HV565, and T117 high voltage sleeving are for both Class F and H applications. Delfingen also manufactures NU-GUARD expandable protective over-sleeving and NU-GUARD SC-P (self-closing polyester) wrapped products, to headline their wire protection and bundling product offerings. Delfingen extrusion products include Convoluted and Smooth tubing, plus Fastening, Branching Tubing closure, and connector accessories.