EIS offers a wide variety of electrically conducting and insulating materials that provide dielectric strength, temperature resistance and chemical/moisture resistance in all your electrical applications. We offer sleeving & tubing, magnet wire & lead wire, rigid laminates, mica products and resins & varnish. Our complete line of electrical insulating tapes includes Acetate Cloth, Antistatic, Composite Film, Epoxy Film, Polyimide Film, Filament Reinforced, Glass Cloth, Polyester, Vinyl and PTFE Film. Flexible insulation products include trusted brands like CeQUIN, TufQUIN and high performance laminates.


All the materials and supplies used to assemble and repair various equipment and devices used in electronic, medical, industrial and related industries are offered by EIS. We carry the industry’s leading brands in Adhesives, like Loctite, Soldering materials, like Kester, Identification Solutions, like Brady, Static Control products, like 3M and a wide range of Test Equipment, Workstations, Material Handling & Storage.

Apparatus Repair

A full range of electrical insulation materials and products used to manufacture and repair electrical equipment are provided by EIS. Products for electric motors include slot liners, slot separators, phase separators, electrical grade papers, films, coated cloths, rigid laminates, mica products, tapes and wedges.