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Customer Assistance, Technical Support, and Online Help

Customer Assistance, Technical Support, and Online Help

Please Contact Us for further assistance or use our Branch Locator to call the EIS branch nearest to you.


First, Sign in (and if you have not Registered yet, do that before signing in.)  Signing in puts all site benefits at your fingertips, like your order history, your account details, your tracking numbers, etc.

Order from nearly 45,000 online items!

  • Use Search, by product number, name or supplier, to locate items unfamiliar to you
  • Use Quick Order for items familiar to you and known by their EIS part number or by your enabled part number
  • Build a Shopping List as you go.  The Shopping List you build today, with items you may order again, helps you quickly populate your order tomorrow.
  • Need a quote first?  Submit your RFQ on the Contact Us page.


  • Taxes are calculated during the checkout process.
  • All credit or payment card purchases will be charged tax UNLESS we have received your Resale Certificate, which you can submit to us at the checkout screen.  (Below order Total, look to note "e" containing link to submit resale cert.)


  • Hazardous Materials ("HazMat") require special handling, as specified by all common carriers, and incur additional fees to transport from our dock to yours, even when the shipment goes collect on your account with the carrier.  We display all HazMat items online with a HazMat symbol (vertical diamond with color codes for each hazard type.)  If / when you see this symbol displayed next to the product you want to buy, be advised there will be an additional "HazMat" special handling fee on your invoice.      

Please visit Shipping Info for freight policies and carrier-imposed requirements.

As a registered EIS customer, you can shop by your part numbers and pay your company's special prices. Once they're enabled in our system, you can enter your part numbers directly into Quick Order or select your part numbers from your Shopping List and Add to Cart.

Get your part numbers and prices enabled today - just Contact Us.

You may MODIFY your order at any time prior to submission of your order:

  •  Adjust QTY on order before or while in Checkout
  • Remove an item entirely from your Cart before or while in Checkout
  • Abandon entire Cart before or while in Checkout


After submission of your order, please Contact Us to request cancellation of your order.  If your order has already shipped, we will issue you a Return Material Authorization (RMA).  Be aware that depending upon the material, there may be restocking fees involved.


Registration / Sign in

At screen-top, click on Register and choose one of three options:
  • Option 1 - You are an EIS customer and you have your customer number, an Invoice number, and Invoice dollar amount handy to complete the short registration form.
  • Option 2 - Your company wants to become an EIS customer with payment terms.  Please be aware that establishing your Net 30 terms will take 3-5 business days.
  • Option 3 - Your shopping need is urgent or you are an individual, not a Company, and want to start shopping today with your credit card.

You can Sign In ONLY after you have registered.  If you have already registered, click on Sign In at screen-top and enter your email and password.

Signing in is required for use of your personal part numbers, receiving your special prices, viewing your order history, etc.

If you Forgot your Password, go to screen-top, click on Sign In, enter your email and click "Forgot your password?", which will initiate the reset password prompts.

If you want to Change your Password, go to My Account, Personal Details, and click Edit to the right of "Password".

You may use your corporate purchasing card ("P" card) or a company credit card even if you have a Terms account with EIS.

My Account

For your safety and security online, please Contact Us so we may assist you in changing the email associated with your account and your purchase history.


Address changes are performed differently depending on your user type or payment terms:

Credit Card Only Terms

Sign In, go to My Account, then to Address Book.

Change Address - Click on Edit (pencil icon) next to the address you want to change and SAVE when your edits are complete.

New Address - Click on "Add Address" at screen-right, complete the entire form, and SAVE when the form is complete.

On Payment Terms

Please contact us with your address change request so we may validate against your account

If you want to Change your Password, go to My Account, Personal Details, and click Edit to the right of "Password".

Managed Re-Ordering

If you've added items to Shopping List previously, you can select any of those items to Create an Order, even if you've never ordered the items before.

Go to Shopping List, Select the first item to order (check-mark the box at left of item). Then Add to Cart. If there are more items to order, select Continue Shopping and repeat the Select and Add to Cart steps until all needed items are in your Cart.

Select Checkout and proceed to screen-bottom, making note of any Special Handling charges and your opportunity to submit a Resale Certificate.

Once again, select Checkout and proceed through Payment Type, Shipping Address, and Shipping Method to Final Review.

Save time using Quick Order to create a new order, when you know the EIS part number or your own part numbers are enabled on the site.

Sign in, go to Quick Order, type in the first item number and Enter.  Adjust the quantity, if necessary, and Add to Cart.

Continue Shopping or go to Checkout.  It's that easy!


Create a new order of previously-purchased items by using Order History.

Sign in, go to My Account, then Order History.  Find a previous order by using the days-out drop-down menu or Search for the order using the Order Type and Order Status drop-downs.

Click on View detail for the order to see the individual item(s).

Click on Add to Cart to begin creating your new order of this previously purchased item. (Note: If you need to adjust the QUANTITY for this new order, you can do that in Checkout.)


Order Status

Sign In, go to My Account, then Order History.  Make your days-out selection from the drop-down menu, and Select your order.  Click on Delivery Ticket to view Tracking Number.

Sign in, go to My Account, then to Order History.

To show historical orders, make your days-out selection from the Days drop-down menu.  If you need to view orders older than what's displayed, please Contact Us.

To go directly to a specific order for which you know your P.O. Number, your part number, EIS part number, or EIS Order number, Select "Order Type" and "Order Status" from the drop-down menus and fill in the associated fields before searching.