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Multiple factors affect shipping costs, and depending upon the weight of the material, the number of packages required, and point of delivery (business vs. residential), to name a few, total freight costs can vary significantly. 

  • EIS has multiple branches from which we ship, and we work with a wide selection of preferred common carriers in addition to FedEx and UPS. These variables make it challenging to advise exact transportation fees up-front before the material is packaged and/or dispatched for shipment.
  • Type of Service (ground vs. air) will also impact total transportation charges, and a handling fee may be applied to your order, depending upon the mode of transport. Special handling requirements for temperature-sensitive or hazardous materials may also further impact the cost.
  • EIS strives to keep freight expenses to a minimum while ensuring the safe and successful delivery of your materials to your door.
  • Packages weighing over 50 lbs. will incur a surcharge of $24 when shipped by UPS or FedEx.


A portion of EIS inventory is classified as Hazardous Material, or "Haz-Mat" for short. Haz-Mat classifications affecting some EIS products are: Flammable Liquid (Class 3), Corrosive (Class 8), Miscellaneous (Environmental) (Class 9), or ORM-D, which is a Haz-Mat classification assessed only when certain materials are transported by AIR.

Depending upon the materials ordered, special EIS packaging surcharges and/or per-package Haz-Mat fees are imposed from carriers such as UPS and FedEx. These fees are incurred even if shipped collect using the customer's own account with that carrier. Our goal is to deliver your order safely to your receiving dock while meeting all carrier and government-imposed human and environmental safety requirements.



Some EIS products are temperature sensitive and require cold packing (e.g., Tacky Soldering Fluxes, Soldering Pastes, and Chipbonders). Cold pack (dry ice) shipments carry an additional fee, and by nature, these products need to ship overnight, further increasing the total transport cost.

Cold Pack


When you've got to have it tomorrow, EIS will accommodate your request for expedited delivery. Also, temperature-sensitive materials requiring overnight shipment in cold packing will be shipped by air. If your Haz-Mat material requires air shipment, it will be shipped from our authorized branch in Tempe, Arizona.

Air Ship


When LTL (Less than Truck Load) transport is deemed the most cost-efficient method for your order, based on heavyweight, cubic volume, hazardous classification, etc., we'll utilize your designated carrier, or we'll select one of our many reliable trucking firms to deliver your order.

Find your nearest location using our online Branch Locator.

Truck Shipment