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Champlain Cable | EXAR® SFX-OR Motor Lead Cable | 600V & 7500V in stock and ready for you!

EXAR® Oil Resistant SFX is the superior flexible and heat-defying cable in its class. This innovative new irradiation cross-linked polyolefin insulation combines the oil resistance of EXAR 150 with the flexibility and rubber-like feel of SFX. You can count on the same thermal, size, toughness, and varnish release advantages of the original SFX, plus a UL approval for use in oil up to 60°C. SFX can now be the one lead wire you use for multiple applications and environments. EXAR® SFX is the ultimate lead wire value in the motor and transformer market.

  • Highly Engineered Exar SFX-OR Irradiation Crosslinked Polyolefin
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • AWM, CL 1251 & 1503
  • Won’t Melt, Creep or Flow
  • “Best-In-Class” Varnish Resistance
  • Excellent Flame, Oil and Chemical Resistance
  • Thin OD Yet Tougher than Other Motor Leads
  • “All-In-One” Performance: Flex + Temp + OD + Varnish


Champlain Cable EXAR®Competitor
UL Style:3271 / 32893271 / 3289
CSA:AWM CL 1503 / 1251Unknown. Not printed on wire or spool label which is required by CSA
Cross‐linking Method:IrradiationUnknown
Oil Resistance:UL rated to 60CUnknown. Not printed on wire or spool label.
UL 2556, 7 days at 60C (Tensile and Elongation > 80%)PassFail (Tensile 73%)
UL 1581, 18hrs at 121C (Tensile and Elongation > 60%)Pass
Fail (Tensile 43%)
Per ISO‐6722 (ref), 10 days at 100C, (<15% swell)Pass
Fail (155% swell)
Heat‐Age Data:

Un‐Aged Baseline:

Tensile:2,746 psi2,794 psi
Aged 7‐days at 180C:

Tensile:2,979 psi1,192 psi
Retention in Tensile:(UL minimum = 80%)108%42.60%
Retention in Elongation:(UL minimum = 80%)96%4.4%
Abrasion Data:

Scrape Abrasion (per ISO‐6722)4,600 average cycles1,351 average cycles
Sandpaper Abrasion (per ISO‐6722)8,130 average cycles3,917 average cycles
Varnish Resistance (2):Pass
Fail. Tears / cracks in insulation noted.
Cold Blend:‐50C Pass‐50C Pass
Dielectric Breakdown:36,000 Vrms28,000 Vrms
Manufacturing Location:USAUnknown / UL E‐File indicates Asia

(1): 16awg sizes tested. UL 3271 / 3289 samples.

(2): 1 minute vacuum dip in polyester resin, 360F bake cure for 2.5hrs, 1x mandrel bend, visual check for cracks in insulation 

Green = "Passes UL" and / or Superior Performance vs. Competitive sample

Red = "Fails UL" and / or Inferior Performance vs. Exar Oil Res SFX

Black = No noticible difference //  N/A