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in EV Motors


In the EV Mobility industry, thermal conductivity is pivotal to maintaining the operations of the motor. Slot liners are commonly used in electric motors to insulate the motor windings from the core to protect the wire from abrasion and damage, making delamination issues within slot liner insulation, a critical issue. Delamination of the motor’s slot liner can create short circuits, hot spots, and arcing in the engine that result in decreased performance, engine waste heat, motor failure, unpredicted downtime, negative financial impacts, and in some applications can be a safety hazard. 


Preventing slot liner delamination requires defining methodology process improvements through comprehensive engineering capabilities from development and comparison of material selection, improved bonding methods, slot design optimization, manufacturing processes designed from end to end, and strict quality control measures. By implementing these solutions, the performance and safety of electric vehicles can be improved. 


The EIS team and in-house engineers have worked with EV manufacturers to overcome this challenge by using a single substrate insulation liner instead of a multi-laminated material typically used. EIS has worked with key suppliers to source and customize a single substrate solution that is not at risk of delamination and is still able to provide excellent thermal protection to the motor. 

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