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Select Tape- and Film-Based Adhesives for a Variety of Medical Applications

EIS die cuts foam- and film-based adhesives for a variety of medical applications. We have products that meet the needs of both stick-to-skin and medical equipment assembly applications.

We offer an extensive array of precision die-cutting capabilities, including high-speed punch presses, flatbed presses, servo-driven rotary die-cutting, and CNC die-cutting, as well as prototyping and short-run cutting. Films, adhesive foam tapes, adhesive laminate sheets, and other bonding adhesive materials are converted from bulk rolls or sheets into roll form or die-cut into finished parts and provided individually or in roll form.

Stick-to-skin adhesives include single- and double-coated medical tapes, woven and nonwoven tapes, foam tapes, release liners, hydrocolloids, and hydrophilic films. Adhesives can be acrylate/acrylic or synthetic rubber-based. EIS provides tapes and films with documentation for traceability and compatibility with a range of sterilization methods, including autoclave, irradiation, and ethylene oxide gas.

Films and tapes are also used in the design of diagnostic equipment, including:

  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Mammography equipment
  • PET/CT scanners • MRI scanners
  • Bone densitometers
  • X-ray equipment
  • Nuclear medicine scanners
  • Blood monitoring equipment

The adhesives used in these applications include:

  • Epoxies
  • Acrylics
  • Urethanes
  • Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape
  • Adhesive transfer tape


EIS offers pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes (PSAs) used in a range of medical applications, including joining components like panels in medical equipment to joining and sealing parts in handheld diagnostic devices to joining and sealing surgical drapes and wound care dressings to skin.

PSA tapes require pressure to adhere to a surface. These tapes can be formulated to form high strength bonds when used in medical equipment or to join different dressing and drape substrates together or to provide gentle adhesion when used in a stick-to-skin application. PSA tapes can be acrylics, silicones, or styrene block co-polymers.

Stick-to-skin PSAs have the following general properties:

  • Nontoxicity
  • Adhesion to organic and inorganic surfaces
  • 100% solid
  • Optimized for wetting and gap-filling
  • Working characteristics suitable for high-volume production
  • Compatibility with different forms of sterilization
  • Sterilizable

Hydrocolloids and silicone PSAs are increasingly popular for their low skin trauma characteristics. These medical tapes are often required to provide secure adhesion for a device or dressing long enough for a therapeutic effect. When adhesion is too low, the device won’t stay in place long enough; too high, and the skin and wound may suffer trauma upon removal of the device or dressing.