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New Medical Grade Formulations Meet Medical Device Manufacturing Standards

Using medical-grade adhesives can help avoid potential problems in designing and manufacturing medical products such as ostomy appliances and devices and "stick-to-skin" applications. Medical grade adhesives are required to undergo several biocompatibility tests. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has devised a medical device industry standard used worldwide for medical-grade adhesives - ISO:10993. The two sections that most adhesives need to meet or exceed are 10993-5 for cytotoxicity and 10993-10 for skin irritation and sensitization.

Using medical-grade adhesives will allow these standards to be met and in adherence to the design. At EIS, we help design engineers evaluate the different medical-grade adhesives that would apply to an application and test those adhesives with the target substrate.

EIS can suggest and test a range of medical-grade adhesives from companies in our extensive supplier network, including 3M™, Henkel™, and Adhesives Research Medical.