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Dispensing Equipment & Supplies

Dispensing solutions for liquids, tapes, labels and more. Production supplies and equipment, including a variety of needles, syringes, shot meters and adapters for your unique dispensing applications in the electronics, ink jet, aerospace, and industrial markets.

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  • Jensen Global JG120NS Dispensing Needle and Syringe Kit

    ID: 120NS
    Mfr ID: JG120NS
    Jensen Global Dispensing Needle and Syringe Kit.


  • Steinel America 31134 HiPURFormer™ Glue Gun, For Dispensing Adhesives

    ID: 31134-STE
    Mfr ID: 31134
    The HiPURFormer advanced bonding system is the perfect solution for almost all woodworking, construction, home repair and light industrial bonding projects. Polyurethane hot melt adhesives offer a Faster set than yellow glues, a stronger bond than traditional hot melts and a Better, less brittle bond than super glues.


  • ID:
    Mfr ID: 62923499305
    3M hot melt applicator TC/EC/LT valve assembly kit 9234 features a nozzle and valve designed to increase productivity by providing a precise and controlled flow of hot melt adhesive. The interior of the nozzle is threaded for easy application onto the valve. The construction is durable and can withstand high temperature hot melts.


  • ID:
    Mfr ID: BC-250
    Mfr: Techspray
    Techspray Plato dispensing bottle is an inexpensive way to wet sponges and dispense liquids at the work bench without waste.


  • Jensen Global FV25 Pneumatic Vacuum Foot Valve Syringe Dispenser, 6-3/4" L x 3.8" W x 3-3/4" H

    ID: JGDFV25
    Mfr ID: DFV25V
    Jensen Global foot valve syringe dispenser with push-to-lock regulator and rubber cushion pad on pedal, Quick push-to-connect inlet for 1/4 Inch or 5/32 Inch adapter hose and pressure 35 - 100 psi air input, 1 - 100 psi air output.


  • Apex Tool Group Kahnetics® Threaded Dispensing Needle

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: KDS
    Mfr: Weller
    Apex Tool Group Kahnetics Threaded Dispensing Needle.


  • Loctite 97001 Peristaltic Hand Pump, 250mL

    ID: LOC97001
    Mfr ID: 97001
    Loctite 97001 is a manual, peristaltic, 250mL volumetric bottle-top hand pump dispensing applicator that mounts easily on any Loctite 250mL bottle.


  • Sulzer MC Static Mix Nozzle, 10.9", White, 1000/Box

    ID: CONMC10-24
    Mfr ID: MC 10-24
    Sulzer MC Static Mix Nozzle.

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  • Menda Tools durAstatic® One-Touch Dispenser Bottle

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 3528OT
    Mfr: Menda
    Menda HDPE Durastatic bottles are dissipative and are designed to protect your valuable static sensitive printed circuitry and embossed with ESD protective symbol. it has no migratory additives reduces the chance for contamination from the bottle.

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  • Menda Tools One-Touch Dispenser Bottle

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 353OT
    Mfr: Menda
    Menda dispenser bottle is a high density polyethylene suitable for many solvents and square shape provides stability and saves storage space. It's wide opening that is easy to fill and translucent - allows easy viewing of contents.

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  • R&R Lotion Needle Flux Dispenser

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: FD
    All of our Clean Room blue static dissipative solvent containers have an average surface resistivity of 10^9 to 10^10. Our blue bottles will dissipate a charge of plus or minus 5000V in less than 2 sec at 40% relative humidity. By their chemical nature, they will not have any chemical reactivity with solvents such as TCE or alcohol. Humidity independent.

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  • Jensen Global JG30MT Tapered Unassembled Manual Syringe, 30cc, 5.15", 20/Pack

    ID: M30T-20
    Mfr ID: JG30MT-20
    Jensen Global JG30MT Tapered Unassembled Manual Syringe.

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  • Apex Tool Group Kahnetics® Luer Lock Air Powered Syringe

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: KAH
    Mfr: Weller
    The Kahnetics is an air-operated syringe with Luer Lok tip. The syringe is shipped unassembled, include both barrel and stopper and are designed for micro-air dispensing.

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  • Jensen Global JG-TCBX Luer Lock Syringe Cap, Plastic, 50/Pack

    ID: TCBX
    Mfr ID: JG-TCBX
    Jensen Global JG-TCBX Luer Lock Syringe Cap.

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  • 3M 62974299380 Mix Nozzle. 6.4 mm ID. Orange

    Mfr ID: 62974299380
    3M 62974299380 Mix Nozzle.

    In Stock

  • Nordson 511CP Syringe Barrel with Piston

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 511CP
    Nordson 511CP series clear polypropylene syringe barrel with piston is used for UV-cure fluids (blocks UV wavelengths from 240-550 Nm) and opaque black for light-sensitive fluids.

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  • Mitchell Hughes GFB-1/2 Dispenser Bottle with Applicator Brush, 0.5 oz, Clear Bottle, Black Cap

    ID: GFB-1/2
    Mfr ID: GFB-1/2
    Mitchell Hughes GFB-1/2 Dispenser Bottle with Applicator Brush.

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  • Jensen Global JGM5 Luer Lock Unassembled Manual Syringe, 5cc, 2.983", 20/Pack

    ID: M5LL-20
    Mfr ID: JGM5-LL-20
    Jensen Global JGM5 Luer Lock Unassembled Manual Syringe.

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  • 3M 91 EPX™ Plus II Manual Applicator, 37mL, 45mL or 50mL

    Mfr ID: 62917099301
    3M Scotch-Weld Plus II manual applicators are used to dispense two-component 3M Scotch-Weld structural adhesives packaged in Duo-Pak (DP) cartridges. There are a variety of applicators available to match the needs of your manufacturing process.

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  • 3M 08997 Body Schutz™ Applicator, 1 qt, Silver, 1/Case

    ID: 3M08997
    Mfr ID: 62990100190
    Cost-effective siphon-feed gun is designed for applying corrosion inhibitors, cavity waxes and undercoatings. Accepts 1 qt canisters of 3M rubberized body Schutz 08864, 3M Rocker Schutz 08874 and 3M Rust Fighter-I.


  • Jensen Global JG120 Large Dispensing Needle Kit, 500/Kit

    ID: 120NK
    Mfr ID: JG120NK
    Jensen Global Large Dispensing Needle Kit.


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