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Cable AnalyzersCable Analyzers

Allow GCG Broadband to guide you through the broad range of cable analyzers.

SUPPLIER: Fluke Networks / AFL


Test EquipmentTest Equipment

GCG Broadband carries the full line of AFL test equipment.  Products are designed to provide accurate results every time. They are engineered to endure outside plant environments featuring intuitive user interfaces that provide quick results without complicated training requirements. Product lines include optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs), loss test kits, inspection and cleaning, fiber identifiers, fault locators and more.



Measurement EquipmentMeasurement Equipment

GCG Broadband supplies measurement equipment from the leading manufacturers in the country.

SUPPLIER: AFL / Greenlee / 3M


Optical Network Testing EquipmentOptical Network Testing Equipment


Fiber Optic test equipment includes tools to perform basic inspection and cleaning, basic trouble shooting and verification/certification for fiber optic networks.

SUPPLIER: AFL / Greenlee / 3M



Optical time domain reflectometers – OTDRs - range from simple fault locating to multifunction testing brings advanced functionality in an easy-to-use interface. TRM™ certification and reporting software provides a PC analysis tool for viewing, managing, archiving and printing OTDR traces along with comprehensive reports compliant to TIA/ISO guidelines.

SUPPLIER: AFL / Greenlee / Fluke Networks


Power MeterPower Meter

Essential tools for installation and maintenance of ONTs on FTTx networks; these Power Meters offer features needed for real-world FTTH setup.

SUPPLIER: Fluke Networks / AFL


Optical Fiber Fusion SplicerOptical Fiber Fusion Splicer

GCG Broadband carries AFL’s optical fiber fusion splicers.  From the smallest to the fastest in the world, count on us to supply the exact product you need. New designs streamline the steps required to complete splices, resulting in greater productivity. “Configurable automation” features allow you to customize the operation of the machine to best suit your particular splicing technique and process. Let us help you select the best splicer for your specific requirements.



Light SourceLight Source

An optical transmitter that is paired with an optical receiver, both of which are connected to electrically based devices or systems. The source converts electrons to photons and the detector converts photons to electrons.

SUPPLIER: AFL / Fluke Networks


Fiber Optic Connectors & SplicersFiber Optic Connectors & Splicers

These units combine the proven fiber connector inspection and analysis capabilities you require and solutions to provide network personnel with the capability to document fiber connector cleanliness.