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Topsticks are made of resin reinforced fiberglass polyester or semi-conductive glass reinforced laminate. Topsticks are frequently used in stator applications. Designed to be smooth and strong, making installation quick and simple while improving lifespan.

EIS supplies Topsticks from top suppliers Rochling Glastic and The Gund Company in various measurements and grades to ensure the right fit for any application.

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  • Gund C-109 Topstick, 0.063" x 36"

    ID: C-109.062
    Mfr ID: C-109.062
    C-109 are semi-conductive glass reinforced laminates that are utilized as side-pack, side insulation in the stator slots of large rotating apparatus. 0.5% water absorption. 15000 psi shear strength.


  • Gund Wedge Kit, D47, D70 80 deg C

    Gund Wedge Kit, 180 deg C Temperature Rating.


  • Gund Fig 1 Topstick, 0.06" x 0.349"

    ID: TSTK40927222
    Mfr ID: 40927222
    Gund 40927222 Fig 1 Topstick, 17.6 Inch Length.


  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick, Rev 40

    ID: TSTK42298069
    Mfr ID: 42298069
    Gund N-155-69 Fig 1 Topstick.


  • Gund Topstick, 130 mm x 260 mm

    ID: TSTK41991031C
    Mfr ID: 41991031C
    Gund 41991031C Topstick, G9 Grade, 13.88 Inch Length.


  • Rochling Glastic Topstick

    Multiple item options available
    Topsticks are made of SG-200, high-temperature resin reinforced with glass fibers. Recommended for stator application. Our glass-reinforced polyester topsticks are just what you need for motor stators.

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  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick, 0.062"

    ID: TSTK42298029
    Mfr ID: 42298029
    Gund N-155-29 Fig 1 Topstick.


  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick, 0.062" x 0.565/0.571"

    ID: TSTK42298045
    Mfr ID: 42298045
    Gund N-155-45 Fig 1 Topstick.


  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick

    ID: TSTK42298065
    Mfr ID: 42298065
    Gund N-155-65 Fig 1 Topstick.