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  • Gund Topstick, 130 mm x 260 mm

    ID: TSTK41991031C
    Mfr ID: 41991031C
    Gund 41991031C Topstick, G9 Grade, 13.88 Inch Length.


  • Gund C-109 Topstick, 0.063" x 36"

    ID: C-109.062
    Mfr ID: C-109.062
    C-109 are semi-conductive glass reinforced laminates that are utilized as side-pack, side insulation in the stator slots of large rotating apparatus. 0.5% water absorption. 15000 psi shear strength.


  • Rochling Glastic Topstick

    Multiple item options available
    Topsticks are made of SG-200, high-temperature resin reinforced with glass fibers. Recommended for stator application. Our glass-reinforced polyester topsticks are just what you need for motor stators.

    In Stock

  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick, 0.062"

    ID: TSTK42298029
    Mfr ID: 42298029
    Gund N-155-29 Fig 1 Topstick.


  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick, 0.062" x 0.565/0.571"

    ID: TSTK42298045
    Mfr ID: 42298045
    Gund N-155-45 Fig 1 Topstick.


  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick, Rev 40

    ID: TSTK42298069
    Mfr ID: 42298069
    Gund N-155-69 Fig 1 Topstick.


  • Gund N-155 Fig 1 Topstick

    ID: TSTK42298065
    Mfr ID: 42298065
    Gund N-155-65 Fig 1 Topstick.


  • Gund Wedge Kit, D47, D70 80 deg C

    Gund Wedge Kit, 180 deg C Temperature Rating.


  • Gund Fig 1 Topstick, 0.06" x 0.349"

    ID: TSTK40927222
    Mfr ID: 40927222
    Gund 40927222 Fig 1 Topstick, 17.6 Inch Length.