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Zeus Natural Flame-Retardant Tubing, 0.06" x +/-0.020", 500' Per Spool

Manufactured by: Zeus
Zeus offers a wide range of standard size products and precision custom extruded tubing made from fluoropolymers and advanced materials. We manufacture FEP in a wide variety of custom and stock sizes, such as extruded tubing, heat shrink, lay-flat, custom profiles and multi-lumen tubing. FEP was first developed in 1956 in an effort to combine the properties of fluoropolymers with melt processability.

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  • Brand name :  Zeus
  • Series :  TUBEFEP.060-Natural
  • Item Name :  Tubing
  • Short Desc :  TUBE,FEP,.020W .060ID +/-.002 500' NAT
  • UNSPSC :  40183009

Zeus also offers etching for bonding purposes. FEP, fluorinated ethylene propylene, is a melt processable version of fluoropolymers that allows for long, continuous lengths and has several distinct advantages over PTFE. More information on the properties of FEP resin can be found in our Tech Info section.

Design & Construction
Color Natural 
Insulation Material FEP 
General Features
Type Flame-Retardant 
Environmental Condition
Temperature Rating 204  deg C
Physical Properties
Length 500  ft
Inside Diameter 0.06  Inch

Zeus Natural Flame-Retardant Tubing, 0.06" x +/-0.020", 500' Per Spool Brochure 

Features :

  • Lower heat shrink temperature than PTFE
  • More flexible than PTFE, optically clear than PTFE
  • More lubricious than PFA, excellent UV transmission ratings
  • Lower gas and vapor permeability than PTFE
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Low absorption of solvents
  • Biocompatible - USP class VI approved
  • Chemically resistant, chemically inert
  • Melt weldable and thermoformable
  • Gamma, ETO, e-beam, and autoclave sterilizable
  • Etching available for bonding
  • Applications where FEP tubing is usually chosen require more optical clarity and flexibility
  • In heat shrinkable form, FEP has a lower recovery temperature than PTFE
  • This fluoropolymer makes heat shrink and convoluted products that meet 23053/11 and 81914 Mil Spec certifications, respectively
  • The material has low gas and permeability properties, possesses an excellent UV transmission rating, and is Gamma sterilizable
  • Length: 500 ft Per Spool
  • Wall Thickness: +/-0.020 Inch

Applications :

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Critical Fluid Transfer
  • Electrical
  • Fiber Optics
  • General Industrial
  • Medical
  • Oil and Gas