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Knives, Scissors & Snips

Our suppliers' finest cutting implements and tools, made of superior grade steel and through-hardened to hold an edge, designed to withstand extended use and repeated sharpening.
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  • Clauss Electronic Scissor

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 123ES
    Mfr: Clauss
    Hot forged fine cutlery steel scissors are thru-hardened, tempered and precision ground. Each features two sharp points and fine tips that are well suited to sewing and embroidery and sturdy enough to cut light wire.


  • X-ACTO X3201 #1 Precision Knife

    ID: 3201-XAC
    Mfr ID: X3201
    Mfr: X-ACTO
    The X-ACTO #1 precision knife set is the original cutting tool for any application requiring a precise, accurate cut. This cutting and trimming tool has been used for years by graphics artists, designers, hobbyists and others for making careful cuts and trims consistently and with confidence. The original X-ACTO knife has been praised for more than 50 years as the standard for precision. Attaining this level of precision, accuracy and reliability starts with supreme quality craftsmanship.


  • X-ACTO X3205 #5 Heavy Duty Knife, 3/8" W

    ID: 3205-XAC
    Mfr ID: X3205
    Mfr: X-ACTO
    The X-ACTO #5 heavy-duty plastic knife is a durable, hardworking knife that can stand up to some of the toughest tasks. The heavy-duty knife handle is compatible with X-ACTO #2, 15, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 28 blades as well as the router assortment and saw blades. The #5 heavy-duty plastic knife handle comes packaged with the X-ACTO #19 angled wood chisel blade. X-ACTO knives are the preferred cutting tool for a wide variety of professionals and hobbyists alike. Designers and artists love the X-ACTO knife's ability to produce careful and meticulous cuts with consistency, while engineers praise the knife's durable design and reliability.

    In Stock

  • Clauss 12700C Electricians Scissor, 5" L, Straight, Smooth, Hot Forged Steel

    ID: 925-CLA
    Mfr ID: 12700C
    Mfr: Clauss
    Multi-purpose service tools or electrician's scissors. Hot forged, double-plated with chrome over nickel to prevent rust and corrosion. Thru-hardened for durability. Use for splicing wire, cuffing harness ties, insulation materials, medium gauge wires and electrical tape.

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  • Xcelite 175M Micro Shearcutter, 5" L, Diagonal, High Carbon Steel

    ID: 175M-XCE
    Mfr ID: 175M
    Mfr: Xcelite
    The Xcelite 175M general purpose shear cutter flush cuts most soft copper lead wires up to 20 AWG (0.8 mm). This lightweight tool features high carbon steel construction. Superior blade by-pass shear cutting action.

    In Stock

  • Clauss IS4-1/4 Electricians Scissor, 4-1/4" L, Straight

    ID: IS4-1/4
    Mfr ID: IS4-1/4
    Mfr: Miller
    The Clauss 12100 is a electronic scissors with long blades and needle sharp points. Double plated chrome over nickel. Ring bows.


  • Personna 94-0115-0000 #9 Single Edge Razor Blade, 1-1/2" L x 3/4" W x 0.009" T, 100/Clamshell

    ID: 94-0115
    Mfr ID: Personna American Safety Razor Company-#9-Single Edge
    Single edge #9 2 facet razor blades with aluminum back is precision ground for a great balance of sharpness and durability in cutting and scraping applications.

    In Stock

  • Proto 11-515 Single Ended Razor Blade, 1-1/2" L x 11/16" W x 0.009" T, 100/Pack

    ID: 11-515
    Mfr ID: Stanley Tools-Single Ended
    The Stanley 1-1/2 Inch single edge razor blade (11-515) constructed from high carbon steel to deliver optimum cutting performance and blade life. Fits the Stanley 28-100 and 28-500 scrapers and all in other standard razor blade tools.


  • X-ACTO X621 #11 Blade, 1.54" L x 0.02" T, 100/Pack

    ID: 621-XAC
    Mfr ID: X-ACTO-#11S
    Mfr: X-ACTO
    The X-ACTO #11 classic fine point knife stainless steel blades are the perfect accessory to a true tool of precision. When elaborate, detailed cuts need to be made, the no. 11 blade is the blade to choose. Because the blade is made with quality sharpened carbon steel, you can make the most detailed, meticulous cuts knowing that the blade can stand up to the pressure. X-ACTO knife blades fit with most X-ACTO knife models.


  • X-ACTO #17 Lightweight Blade

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: X-ACTO-#17-Lightweight
    Mfr: X-ACTO
    The #17 lightweight chiseling blade by X-ACTO is a precision chiseling tool, meant to handle lightweight woods and like materials. The chisel has a straight, razor sharp blade with a thin profile - perfect for removing fine layers and performing detail work on delicate craft material. X-ACTO blades are designed to allow you to make the careful and detailed cuts you need time and time again. Our blades are created with care and exceptional craftsmanship, producing a cutting edge that stays sharp. An X-ACTO quality blade is always ready when you need it.

    In Stock

  • Aven 11012 Electrician Scissor, 5" L, Notched, Stainless Steel

    ID: 11.012-AVE
    Mfr ID: 11012
    These general purpose electricians scissors are designed for heavy-duty use. The 5 Inch Electrician Scissors are notched to strip 23 - 19 AWG wire. The 2 Inch stainless steel cutting blade features a scraper and file on the back edge of the blade.


  • Proto 10-049 Folding Pocket Knife with Rotating Blade, 4-1/4" L

    ID: 10-049
    Mfr ID: 10-049
    This pocket knife has a powder coated epoxy handle. The knife blade locks into place when in use. After use the blade can be folded into the handle for safe storage. Replaceable stainless-steel blade.


  • Proto 10-151 Quick Point™ Retractable Knife, 18 mm W

    ID: 10-151
    Mfr ID: 10-151
    The Stanley 10-151 is a light duty, retractable knife with quick-point snap-off blades. Blade sections snap off providing fresh, sharp cutting points. Smooth slider mechanism features an audible click and is self-locking for security.


  • Clauss Straight Trimmers Scissor

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 10400
    Mfr: Clauss
    Hot forged straight trimmers are our most widely used general utility shears. Sturdy construction and adjusted precisely. Carbon steel, thru-hardened and fully double-plated with chrome over nickel.


  • Proto 10-499 Quick Change Retractable Utility Knife, 2-1/2" L

    ID: 10-499
    Mfr ID: 10-499
    Save valuable work time with the quick change retractable utility knife from Stanley. Change blades fast without the need for a screwdriver. This 6-3/8 Inch utility knife cuts many types of materials including cardboard, drywall, plastic sheeting, leather, paper and more.


  • Proto 11-STS Utility Blade with Dispenser, 2-3/16" L x 3/4" W x 0.025" T, 100/Pack

    ID: 11-988
    Mfr ID: 11-STS
    Rounded edge helps reduce risk of accidental cuts. Helps prevent damage to carton contents when opening boxes. Blade is used in applications where safety is a concern and for preventing damage to carton contents when opening boxes.


  • Fiskars 12-71787797 Softouch Premier Large Scissor, 8" L, Stainless Steel

    ID: 12-71787797-FIS
    Mfr ID: 12-71787797
    Mfr: Fiskars
    Awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. Spring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to reduce hand strain. High-grade, precision-ground, stainless steel blades offer a lasting sharp edge.


  • Wiss Quick Clip® Thread Clip Sharp Snip

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 157B
    Mfr: Wiss
    Positive spring-action re-opens blades for fast cutting. Stainless steel replaceable blades. Heavy-duty contour design. Industrial PVC plastic handle.


  • 175S Electricians Scissor, 5" L, Straight, Stainless Steel

    ID: 175S-SIP
    Mfr ID: 175S
    The Sipel 175S is a scissor with a cutting edge type of knife. Scissor has nickel plated blades. Blades have been hardened to Rockwell 58C for superior edge life.


  • Wiss 1DS Inlaid® Industrial Shear, 8-1/2" L, High Carbon Steel

    ID: 1DS-WIS
    Mfr ID: 1DS
    Mfr: Wiss
    Wiss industrial shears feature carbon steel construction with nickel-plated blades and handle for years of trouble-free use. And having their patented Set-Easy pivot and a new enlarged lower ring, using couldn't be easier or more comfortable.


  • Excelta 290 Two Star Scissor, 3-3/4" L, Straight, Medium Fine, Stainless Steel

    ID: 290-EXC
    Mfr ID: 290
    Mfr: Excelta
    This two star medium straight fine blade stainless steel scissor is precision-made scissors for general use. It is cleanroom safe.


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