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Motor Diagnostic Systems - Test Accessories

All the hardware, assemblies, mounts and holsters to make testing and monitoring procedures more efficient and to keep equipment clean, safe and running smoothly.
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  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403111 Start/Stop Button, 10.5'

    ID: 403111
    Mfr ID: 403111
    Motor Diagnostic Systems 403111 start/stop button. Ideally suited for starting and stopping a test, when holding both test probes in hand


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403123 Turn-to-Turn Induction Test Probe, 3M L Cable

    ID: 403123
    Mfr ID: 403123
    At stators or armatures, an induction test probe serves to locate the slot with the turn-to-turn fault It can also be used to find broken bars in squirrel-cage rotors. The probes are used for localization of a winding short.


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 4000395 4-Wire DC Bar-to-Bar Test Probe, 3M

    ID: MDS-4000395
    Mfr ID: 4000395
    The test probes are used for the PE test and for the insulation resistance test and are available in different sizes. They are designed for varying maximum test currents for the PE test and can be purchased with integrated start switch and with a lamp for indicating the test result.


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403110 Measuring Lead, 2M Length

    ID: 403110
    Mfr ID: 403110
    Measuring lead for measuring extremely high-ohmic insulation resistances. Although the standard measuring leads also allow these tests, the measuring leads can cause strong fluctuation of the test.


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403112 Measuring Lead, 2M Length

    ID: 403112
    Mfr ID: 403112
    Motor connection lead for detecting the sense of rotation of the motor. The voltage-free, assembled and connected 3-phase motor (short-circuit armature) is connected to the tester and the motor shaft is turned manually.


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 400395 Test Lead Set

    ID: 400395
    Mfr ID: 400395
    Very flexible 4 wire test sensors for armatures. High quality leads for 4 wire technique resistance testing.


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403102 Neutral Zone Test Lead

    ID: MDS-403102
    Mfr ID: 403102
    Lead Set with Hippo Clip, Megohmmeter.


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403107 Turn-to-Turn Induction Test Probe, 3M L Cable

    ID: 403107
    Mfr ID: 403107
    Motor Diagnostic Systems turn-to-turn induction test probe. Rugged and industry compatible with exchangeable test tips. Four wire technology supplies optimum test results. Probe for testing stator and armature windings according to the induction method.