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Test Clips & Test Leads

Quality test clips and test leads, for use with most digital multimeters (DMMs), are a "must" for electrical / HVAC applications and electronic test applications. Electrically stable and mechanically durable, test clips are offered in a range of styles, including "hook" type, those that have teeth to "grab", and even those with sharp points to get into hard-to-reach spaces.

Test leads are flexible and durable, offered in a range of lengths and diameters.

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  • Pomona 1166 Alligator Clip to Stacking Banana Plug Patch Cord Test Lead

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1166
    Mfr: Pomona
    Pomona's alligator clip to stacking banana plug patch cord offers quick attachment to terminals up to 0.3 Inch OD. The patch cord features a medium size alligator clip with a flex boot for insulation protection. The banana plug spring is beryllium copper for long insertion life.


  • Pomona 2708 Test Lead Holder, 0.45" Dia x 11" L, Blue

    ID: 2708
    Mfr ID: 2708
    Mfr: Pomona
    The 2708 is a test lead holder made of cold rolled steel no.2 temper 1/2 hard with backed enamel finish. The 2708 accepts cable size types RG 213 and RG 214 for use with Pomona probes and test leads.


  • Pomona 2240 Alligator Clip

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 2240
    Mfr: Pomona
    The 2240 is a alligator clip to banana jack with flex boot. Alligator clip features a banana jack interface for quick and easy attachment to various lengths of banana plug patch cords. Alligator jaw opens up to 0.3 Inch (7.62 mm) for attachment to most test terminals. Flexible boot provides insulation protection.


  • Pomona 3780-60-0 Minigrabber® Test Clip to Free End Patch Cord Test Lead, 60", Black

    ID: 3780-60-0
    Mfr ID: 3780-60-0
    Mfr: Pomona
    The 3780 is a test lead with hook clip to free end connector. Minigrabber test clip (one end) allows customization of the open end. Hook material is gold plated beryllium copper for superb strength and low contact resistance to ensure signal integrity. For added safety, the grabber body material is fire retardant nylon 6.


  • Pomona 3781 Minigrabber® Test Clip Patch Cord Test Lead

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 3781
    Mfr: Pomona
    The 3781 patch cord has Minigrabber test clips on both ends with cable. The patch cord is ideal for making temporary jumper connections on terminals and wire wrap posts.

    In Stock

  • Pomona 4613-12-2 Micrograbber® Test Clip Patch Cord Test Lead, 12", Red

    ID: 4613-12-2
    Mfr ID: 4613-12-2
    Mfr: Pomona
    The 4613 is a patch cord with Micrograbber test clips on both ends, with cable length of 12 Inch. The patch cord is ideal for making jumper connections between small components.


  • Pomona B Stacking Banana Plug Patch Cord Test Lead

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: B-PCTL
    Mfr: Pomona
    The B series patch cord with stackable banana plugs on both ends, polypropylene insulated and PVC insulated 65 x 36 stranding tinned copper wire, that can be cross and vertically stacked for test versatility.

    In Stock

  • Pomona 5301 Test Clip Patch Cord

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 5301
    Mfr: Pomona
    Pomona® 5301-12-0 SMD Grabber® Test Clip Patch Cord, Ideal for providing a temporary jumper wire between surface mount devices.


  • Pomona 5543B Electronic DMM Test Lead Kit

    ID: 5543B-POM
    Mfr ID: 5543B
    Mfr: Pomona
    Silicone test leads remain flexible in hot or cold environments. Insulation resists burning or melting in contact with soldering irons. Plugs and jacks are compatible with most digital multimeters made by Fluke, HP (Keysight Technologies), Wavetek, Meterman and others. Probe body, alligator, spade lug and test clip lead attaches directly to test leads for testing versatility. Test accessories conveniently store in the tri-fold nylon pouch.


  • Pomona 5302 Test Clip Patch Cord

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 5302
    Mfr: Pomona
    Pomona® 5302 SMD Grabber® test clip to stacking banana plug, Black. Ideal for temporary connector of Surface Mount Devices to test equipment. Banana Plug is vertical stackable and cross stackable.


  • Pomona 6267 Oscilloscope Replacement Accessory Kit, Minigrabber® Test Clip x Stacking Banana Plug

    ID: 6267-POM
    Mfr ID: 6267
    Mfr: Pomona
    Oscilloscope replacement accessory kit. Sprung hook quickly attaches to the probe body and converts the tip to a hook for stronger test terminal retention. BNC adapter attaches to the probe tip base and converts the tip to a push-on BNC Male for optimum shield protection. IC tip adapter attaches to the probe tip to allow single lead probing on through-hole DIP devices while preventing accidental adjacent pin shorting.


  • Probe Master Softie™ 8026S Test Lead Kit, 48" Length, Silicone Lead

    ID: 8026S-PRO
    Mfr ID: 8000
    Softie by Probe Master lets you say "goodbye" to hand fatigue and finger calluses. A soft probe that bends 90 deg or more. A probe that conforms to the shape of your hand. This soft flexible probe bends gently to reduce wear and breakage of the lead.


  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403102 Neutral Zone Test Lead

    ID: MDS-403102
    Mfr ID: 403102
    Lead Set with Hippo Clip, Megohmmeter.


  • Fluke SureGrip™ TL224 Insulated Test Lead, Right Angle Banana Plug, 600/1000V, 10A, Red, Black

    ID: TL224-FLU
    Mfr ID: TL224
    Mfr: Fluke
    Test leads are an integral part of the complete measurement system and extend the capabilities of your digital multimeter. The TL224 SureGrip insulated test leads offer reinforced strain relief and includes banana jack termination for a variety of test lead configurations.


  • Fluke TL40 Retractable Tip Test Lead Set, 4 mm Right Angle Banana Plug x Test Tip Probe, 600V, 3A, Red, Black

    ID: TL40-FLU
    Mfr ID: TL40
    Mfr: Fluke
    Extra hard probe tips to provide long service life. Flexible silicone insulated test leads.

    In Stock

  • Fluke Hard Point™ TL75 Test Lead Set, 4 mm Right Angle Banana Plug, 600V, 1000V, 10A, Red, Black

    ID: TL75-FLU
    Mfr ID: TL75
    Mfr: Fluke
    This test lead set is recommended for general purpose measurements. The TL75 offers convenience of a test lead and probe in one unit with a variety of connections.

    In Stock

  • Fluke TL76 Test Lead Set, 4 mm Right Angle Banana Plug x Removable Lantern Tips, 600V, 1000V, 10A, Red, Black

    ID: TL76-FLU
    Mfr ID: TL76
    Mfr: Fluke
    The Fluke TL76 is a 2 mm/4 mm test lead set with one pair (red, black) 1.5M long silicone test leads with right angle shrouded banana plug.


  • UEI ATL55 Test Lead Set, Red/Black

    ID: UEIATL55
    Mfr ID: ATL55
    Test Lead Set, insulated with screw-on alligator clip, red/black color. CAT III UL listed test leads are made for measuring up to 1000V.


  • Pomona 3788 Patch Cord Test Lead, BNC Female x Minigrabber® Test Clip Breakout, 30VAC/60VDC (Hand Held), 300VDC (Hand Free), Black, Red

    ID: 3788
    Mfr ID: 3788
    Mfr: Pomona
    BNC (Female) to Minigrabber® test clips. Minigrabber® test clip hooks attach to terminal sizes up to 0.060 Inch diameter. Converts BNC (Male) cables to Minigrabber® test clips for test versatility. BNC connector and Minigrabber® test clip caps are molded directly onto the wire for pull strength durability and dust and moisture resistance. Minigrabber® test clip hooks and BNC center contact are beryllium copper for superior strength.


  • Pomona 3786 Test Clip Patch Cord

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 3786
    Mfr: Pomona
    Multi-Stacking Double Banana Plug to Minigrabber® Test Clips.

    In Stock

  • Motor Diagnostic Systems 403110 Measuring Lead, 2M Length

    ID: 403110
    Mfr ID: 403110
    Measuring lead for measuring extremely high-ohmic insulation resistances. Although the standard measuring leads also allow these tests, the measuring leads can cause strong fluctuation of the test.


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