Loctite H3000 Speedbonder™ Structural Adhesive, 50mL Dual Cartridge, Opaque White/Tan, Opaque

ID: LOC83001 Mfr ID: 83001
Manufactured by: Loctite Industrial
Loctite AA H3000 is a general purpose, two-component, room temperature curing, 1:1 mix ratio, methacrylate adhesive system. Loctite AA H3000 is formulated to yield high peel and shear strength.

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  • Brand name :  Loctite
  • Trade Name :  Speedbonder™
  • Series :  LOC-H3000
  • Item Name :  Structural Adhesive
  • Short Desc :  83001 H3000 SPEED BONDER 50ML DAUL CART
  • Packaging :  10/Case
  • UPC :  00079340830011
  • UNSPSC :  31201600

Loctite AA H3000 is suitable for bonding a variety of substrates with a minimum of surface preparation. This adhesive forms resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures.

Design & Construction
Cure Type Room Temperature 
Form - Part-A Liquid 
Form - Part-B Paste 
Color - Part-A Opaque White 
Color - Part-B Tan 
Performance Details
Full Cure Time 24 hr 
Elongation 20 - 30% 
Open Time 5 min 
Shear Strength See TDS 
Tensile Strength 4100 - 4300 psi 
Chemical Properties
Composition - Part-A Methacrylate 
Composition - Part-B Methacrylate 
Specific Gravity - Part-A 1.06 
Specific Gravity - Part-B 1.03 
VOC - Part-A 9.49g/L 
VOC - Part-B 11.7g/L 
Viscosity - Part-A 45000 - 85000 cP 
Mixing Ratio 1:1 
Supporting Information
Applicable Materials PVC, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, Stainless Steel and FRP 
Physical Properties
Container Size 50mL 
Container Type Dual Cartridge 
Odor/Scent - Part-A Sharp 
Odor/Scent - Part-B Strong 

Loctite H3000 Speedbonder™ Structural Adhesive, 50mL Dual Cartridge, Opaque White/Tan, Opaque Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

Features :

  • Non-sagging gaps filled to 3/8 Inch
  • Superior impact and peel strength
  • Little or no surface preparation
  • Offers excellent tolerance to off-ratio mixing
  • 100% reactive
  • Excellent environmental resistance

Applications :

  • For Plastic and Composite Bonding