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In Plant Handlers

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  • Protektive Pak Fixed Divider In-Plant Handler Container

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 375-IPHC
    Provide ESD and physical protection for ESD-sensitive circuit boards. Made of impregnated corrugated material that provides greater durability than coated or printed material. Constructed with double sides, triple ends, and a double thickness bottom for greater durability, when the cover is closed, the Faraday cage effect restricts electrostatic charges to the exterior.


  • Protektive Pak Plastek™ In-Plant Handler Container

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 391
    Provides physical protection with conductive material, providing reliable path-to-ground Many sizes available to optimize fit to your product size Rolled over side construction (double thickness) for greater strength Static dissipative foam bottom, providing ESD and shock protection Includes steel wire frame for extra strength.


  • Protektive Pak 37450 2 Piece Handle, 4" L x 1" W, Plastic, Black

    ID: 37450-PPK
    Mfr ID: 37450
    Protektive Pak 2 Piece Black Plastic Handle.


  • Protektive Pak 37457 Wire Frame, 23-1/8" L x 12-3/4" W x 1/4" H, Steel, Sliver

    ID: 37457-PPK
    Mfr ID: 37457
    Protektive Pak Silver Steel Wire Frame.


  • Guspro BB1930 Cart Wheel, 8" x 2"

    ID: BB1930-GUS
    Mfr ID: BB1930
    Mfr: Guspro
    Guspro Cart Wheel.