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DuPont Nomex® 410 Square Form Wedge, 30 Mil x 11/64" x 5/32", 48" Length Bulk

ID: WGENHT30111048 Mfr ID: WGENHT30111048
Manufactured by: DuPont Nomex
Nomex® Type 410 is a calendered insulation paper which offers high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience. Nomex® Type 410 is the original form of Nomex® paper and is widely used in a majority of electrical equipment applications. Nomex® Type 410 is used in almost every known electrical sheet insulation application.
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  • Brand name :  Dupont
  • Trade Name :  Nomex® 410
  • Series :  Nomex® 410-SQ-48-BU
  • Item Name :  Square Form Wedge
  • Short Desc :  WEDGE,NOMEX 30-11-10 48" BULK
  • Packaging :  Bulk
  • UNSPSC :  30141508

Excellent dielectric strength - Nomex® insulation features excellent electrical properties, even when exposed to environmental conditions such as high humidity. Available in 12 thicknesses (0.05 to 0.76 mm) (2 to 30 mil).


WARNING: California Proposition 65 - Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Performance Details
Elongation 18% (MD), 14% (TD) 
Thickness Shrinkage 0  %
Design & Construction
Material Aramid Paper Type 410 
Environmental Condition
Temperature Rating 220  deg C
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength 680  V/mil
Physical Properties
Width 0.17  Inch
Height 0.156  Inch
Thickness 30  Mil
Length 48  Inch

DuPont Nomex® 410 Square Form Wedge, 30 Mil x 11/64" x 5/32", 48" Length Bulk Brochure 

Features :

  • Nomex® 410 is available in 11 thicknesses, ranging from (2 mil to 30 mil), with specific gravities ranging from 0.72 g/cm2 to 1.1 g/cm2
  • Normal-use temperatures, temperature has only a minor effect on the dielectric strength and dielectric constant of Nomex® 410, Elevated temperatures have only a minor effect on the tensile strength and elongation of Nomex® 410
  • Effect of corona - like other organic insulating materials, Nomex® paper is gradually eroded under attack by corona discharges. Corona intensity is a function of voltage stress, which, in turn, depends almost entirely on design parameters such as spacing between circuit elements, smooth vs. sharp contours, etc
  • Electrical properties - Nomex® 410 withstands short-term electrical stresses of 18 kV/mm to 34 kV/mm (460 V/Mil to 870 V/Mil), depending on thickness. These values differ from long-term strength potential. DuPont suggests that continuous stresses in transformers not exceed 1.6 kV/mm (40 V/Mil) to help minimize the risk of partial discharges (corona)
  • Densified Nomex® products are strong, resilient and (in the thinner grades) flexible, with good resistance to tearing and abrasion mechanical properties
  • Thermal Properties - arrhenius plots of aging behavior provide the basis for recognition of Nomex® paper as a 220 deg C insulation by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and other certifying bodies. These curves can also be extrapolated to higher temperatures. For example, measurements show that Nomex® 410 will maintain 12 kV/mm (300 V/mil) dielectric strength for several hours at 400 deg C
  • Chemical stability - the compatibility of Nomex® papers and pressboards with virtually all classes of electrical varnishes and adhesives-polyimides, silicones, epoxies, polyesters, acrylics, phenolics, synthetic rubbers, etc. - as well as other components of electrical equipment, is demonstrated by the many UL-recognized systems based on Nomex® products
  • Flame resistance - the limiting oxygen index (LOI) of Nomex® 410 at room temperature ranges between 27% and 32%, depending on thickness and density. at 220 deg C, the LOI of Nomex® 410 ranges between 22% and 25%. Materials with an LOI above 20.8% - the critical value for combustion in air-will not support combustion
  • Radiation Resistance - Nomex® 410 is essentially unaffected by 800 megarads (8 Mgy) of ionizing radiation and still retains useful mechanical and electrical properties after eight times this exposure. by comparison, a laminate of polyester film and polyester mat of the same thickness, 100% epoxy-impregnated, crumbled after 800 megarads (8 Mgy). Similar results are seen with exposure to gamma radiation

Applications :

  • High-temperature Applications
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Traction Motors
  • Transformers