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Solder Pots

Solder Pots are small, temperature-controlled pots or tanks that are used for dip soldering and to tin wires. Solder Pots are useful for dipping electronics such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) with through-hole leaded components.

EIS carries various solder pots from manufacturers such as Hakko, Weller, American Beauty, and Esico-Triton with capacities of as little as 1 pound and upwards of 11.75 pounds.

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  • Weller 52704099 Solder Bath, 80W, 24V

    ID: 0052704099
    Mfr ID: 52704099
    Mfr: Weller
    The WSB 80 is a very useful rework preparation tool. The solder bath is temperature controlled continuously from 50 to 450 deg C via an existing 80W power source. The solder bath can be used to tin wire ends and clean leads of all extraneous solder particles in preparation for reworking.


  • Hakko FX300-03 Solder Pot, Analog, 200W, 120V

    ID: FX300-03-HAK
    Mfr ID: FX300-03
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko FX-300 solder pot features analog functionality and a rugged ceramic heating element. This soldering pot is lead-free compatible and can accommodate two pot sizes.


  • American Beauty Industrial General Purpose Solder Pot

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 300SP
    American Beauty solder pots are recognized throughout the industry for superior performance and reliable control of solder temperature. Customer have used phrases such as, bullet proof and glutton for punishment when describing their American Beauty pots. If your need is a pot that will work day after day, month after month, this is the product for you.


  • American Beauty 9301 Heating Element, 160W

    ID: 9301-AME
    Mfr ID: 9301
    American Beauty solder pots are constructed to endure the worst that you can throw at them. A full array of replacement items are available so that you can extend the life of your solder pot by performing routine maintenance versus purchasing a whole new unit.


  • Esico-Triton 75T Solder Pot, 11.75 lb, 650W

    ID: P750020
    Mfr ID: P750020
    The Esico Triton P750020 model 75T solder pot is ideal for long parts where a large solder capacity and a deep well are required. It has a 11-3/4 lb solder capacity and a maximum operating temperature of 650 deg F.


  • Hakko FX301B-03 Solder Pot, Digital, 290W, 120V

    ID: FX301B-03-HAK
    Mfr ID: FX301B-03
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko FX-301B digital solder pot is the perfect solution for dip soldering and tinning the ends of wire leads. Features four different heating programs and convenient timer, which is especially useful where reliable control of solder temperature is essential.