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Heat Guns & Accessories

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  • Steinel America 07011 Spreader Nozzle, For HG2000E, HG2310LCD Professional Heat Gun

    ID: 07011-STE
    Mfr ID: 7011
    Steinel America 07011 Spreader Nozzle.


  • Steinel America 07031 Window Nozzle, For HG2000E, HG2310LCD, HG2310BB Professional Heat Gun

    ID: 07031-STE
    Mfr ID: 7031
    Steinel America 07031 Window Nozzle.



  • Steinel America 07461 Reflector Nozzle, For HG2000E, HG2310LCD Electronic Heat Guns

    ID: 07461-STE
    Mfr ID: 7461
    Steinel America 07461 Reflector Nozzle.


  • Steinel America 07301 Reflector Nozzle, For HG2000E, HG2310LCD, HG2310BB Electronic Heat Guns

    ID: 07301-STE
    Mfr ID: 7301
    Steinel America 07301 Reflector Nozzle.


  • Master Appliance 10008 Master-Mite Continuous Duty Heat Gun, 650 deg F, 3.8 cfm, 120VAC

    ID: 10008-MAS
    Mfr ID: 10008
    Master-Mite is lightweight and easy to hold for long periods of time, it also comes standard with a bench stand which adjusts to four heights for hands-free operation. Six attachments and accessories are available for many varied applications.

    In Stock

  • Weller 1095 Ungar Dual Temperature Heat Gun, 790/1200 deg F, 7.4/5.6 cfm, 120V

    ID: 1095-WEL
    Mfr ID: 1095
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller 1095 is an electric industrial heat gun with dual temperature setting. For applying heat shrinking products, curing epoxy and softening adhesives, drying, thawing frozen pipes and Softening and molding plastics.

    In Stock

  • Master Appliance Heating Element

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 200HE
    Master Appliance Heating Element.


  • Steinel America 34261 Industrial, Variable Temperature Heat Gun, 200 to 1100 deg F, 14.8 cfm, 120VAC

    ID: 34261-STE
    Mfr ID: 34261
    HG 2000 E is a powerful heat gun with variable temperature and electronic thermocouple control for flexible use and maximum reliability. Steinel's exclusive DuraTherm heating element ensures long life and even heat.


  • Steinel America 34810 Professional Heat Gun, 575 deg F at 8.5 cfm, 930 deg F at 14.8 cfm, 8.5/14.8 cfm, 120VAC

    ID: 34810-STE
    Mfr ID: 34810
    General purpose heat gun with two temperature settings is designed for safe, convenient professional and industrial use. Lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfortable long term operation.


  • Steinel America 34735 Precision Heat Gun, 750 deg F (Without Reducer), 930 deg F (With Reducer), 3.5 cfm, 120VAC

    ID: 34735-STE
    Mfr ID: 34735
    The HG 350 ESD brings hot air to where it's needed at any work place. This new hot air tool is easy to use, lightweight and extremely comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomically shaped soft grip handle. It is the ideal tool for soldering, de-soldering and heat-shrinking. Compact in design, it fits into any tool box or service case. An integrated, bright LED light illuminates even the darkest of work situations and acts as an "on" indicator.


  • Steinel America 34820 Professional Electric Heat Gun, 750 deg F at 10 cfm, 1100 deg F at 15.9 cfm, 10/15.9 cfm, 120VAC

    ID: 34820-STE
    Mfr ID: 34820
    Multi-purpose heat gun with cool air stage and choice of 2 temperature settings for convenient hand-held or bench work. Steinel's exclusive DuraTherm heating element ensures long life and even heat.




  • Steinel America 40100 Heavy Duty Carrying Case, For HG2620E, HG2520E Professional Heat Gun

    ID: 40100-STE
    Mfr ID: 40100
    Steinel America Heavy Duty Carrying Case.


  • Ideal 46-203 Elite Pro™ Heat Gun Kit, 180 to 1020 deg F, 120VAC

    ID: 46-203
    Mfr ID: 46-203
    Two-step switch for heat and air flow adjustments. Double insulated power cord. Comfortable non-slip handle for ease of use. Ergonomical distribution of weight.


  • Weller 6956 Large Reflector, For 6966C Industrial Heat Gun

    ID: 6956-WEL
    Mfr ID: 6956
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller 6956 Large Reflector.


  • Weller 6958 Reducing Baffle, For 6966C Industrial Heat Gun

    ID: 6958-WEL
    Mfr ID: 6958
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller 6958 Reducing Baffle.


  • Weller 6964 Precision Reflector, For 6966C Industrial Heat Gun

    ID: 6964-WEL
    Mfr ID: 6964
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller 6964 Precision Reflector.


  • Weller 6965A Ungar Holder, For 6966C Industrial Heat Gun

    ID: 6965A-WEL
    Mfr ID: 6965A
    Mfr: Weller
    Weller 6965A Ungar Holder.


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