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Lenses / Bulbs

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  • O.C. White 13367 Replacement Lamp, 22W, 8" dia, Cool White

    ID: 13367-OCW
    Mfr ID: 13367
    O.C. White Replacement Lamp.


  • Waldmann 190-054-019 Add-On Lens, 2X, 4 Diopter

    ID: 190-054-019
    Mfr ID: 190-054-019
    When added to the 4-diopters RLLE provides 8-diopters of magnification and when added to the 4+12-diopter RLLE provides 8+16-diopters of magnification.


  • Waldmann 190-080-049 ESD Add-On Lens, 2X, 4 Diopter, 3.63" L x 2" W

    ID: 190-080-049
    Mfr ID: 190-080-049
    Waldmann Magnifier 4d (2X) and 4d+12d (2X + 4X) add lenses on top of the permanent stadium shaped 3d (1.75X) for the omnivue ESD series.


  • Aven 26.501-SLA ProVue Swing-Away Lens, 2.25X, 5 Diopter

    ID: 26.501SLA-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26.501-SLA
    Aven ProVue Swing-Away Lens, Diopter: 5, Magnification: 2.25X, For Use With: ProVue, Mighty Mag Series Magnifiers.


  • Aven 26800B-461 Auxiliary Lens, 0.5X, 54 mm dia x 16 mm H, 9.45 Inch Focal

    ID: 26800B-461-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26800B-461
    Aven Auxiliary Lens, Size: 16 mm H x 54 mm dia, Focal Distance: 9.45 Inch, Magnification: 0.5X, For Use With: DSZ, NSW and SPZ Series Microscopes.


  • Menda Tools 35121 Low Voltage Replacement Lamp, 3V

    ID: 35121-MEN
    Mfr ID: 35121
    Mfr: Menda
    Menda Tools Low Voltage Replacement Lamp, Voltage Rating: 3V, Base: TL3, For Use With: 35100 and 35130 Circuitracer and Continuity Testers.


  • Waldmann 950-900-038 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, 9W, White

    ID: 950-900-038
    Mfr ID: 950-900-038
    Waldmann Fluorescent Replacement Lamp.


  • Scienscope IL-RA-FB Halogen Replacement Lamp, 150W, 21V

    ID: IL-RA-FB
    Mfr ID: IL-RA-FB
    Scienscope Replacement Lamp, Voltage Rating: 21V, Wattage: 150W, Halogen Lamp, For Use With: Illuminator Model Numbers IL-FOI-150 and IL-88-FOI.


  • Scienscope IL-WH-MLB Replacement Lamp, 12W, White

    Mfr ID: IL-WH-MLB
    Scienscope Replacement Lamp for IL-88-TL and IL-FR-21 fluorescent ring light.


  • GE Lighting 1460 Miniature Incandescent Replacement Lamp, 18W, 6.5V, 1" dia

    ID: 1460-GE
    Mfr ID: 1460
    GE Lighting Miniature Replacement Lamp, Size: 1 Inch dia, 2 Inch Maximum Overall Length, Voltage Rating: 6.5V, Wattage: 18W, Amperage Rating: 2.75A, Base: P30D / DC PreFocus, 100 hr Lamp Life, Shape: S8, Incandescent Lamp.


  • Dazor 18W-35 CFL Replacement Lamp, 18W, Warm White

    ID: 18W35-DAZ
    Mfr ID: 18W-35
    Dazor Replacement Lamp, Size: 9 Inch L, Wattage: 18W, Base: 2G11 4-Pin, 12000 hr Lamp Life, Shape: Dual Tube, Warm White, 3500K Color Temperature, 82 CRI, CFL Lamp, Lumens: 1250 lm, For Use With: Stretchview Magnifiers.


  • Waldmann Add-On Lens

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 190-080
    Waldmann Magnifier 4d (2X) and 4d+12d (2X + 4X) add lenses on top of the permanent stadium shaped 3d (1.75X) for the omnivue series.


  • Manning Holoff 222 Replacement Lamp

    ID: 222-MAG
    Mfr ID: 222
    Manning Holoff Replacement Lamp for magnilite magnifiers.


  • Aven 26505-B09 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, 9W

    ID: 26.505B-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26505-B09
    Aven Fluorescent Replacement Lamp For Might Vue Series Magnifiers.


  • Aven 26505-BT4 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, 9W, Black

    ID: 26.506-BT4-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26505-BT4
    Aven Fluorescent Replacement Lamp.


  • Aven 26800B-463 Auxiliary Lens, 1.6X, 54 mm dia x 15 mm H

    ID: 26800B-463-AVE
    Mfr ID: 26800B-463
    Aven Auxiliary Lens, Size: 15 mm H x 54 mm dia, Magnification: 1.6X, For Use With: DSZ, NSW and SPZ Series Microscopes.


  • Glamox 36205 CFL Replacement Lamp, 13W

    ID: 36205-LUX
    Mfr ID: 36205
    Mfr: Luxo
    Glamox CFL Replacement Lamp for wave plus magnifiers.


  • Waldmann 450-009-120 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, 9W, White

    ID: 450-009-120
    Mfr ID: 450-009-120
    Waldmann T4 Fluorescent Replacement Lamp.


  • O.C. White FL150 Micro-Lite® Deluxe Fluorescent Replacement Lamp, Cool White

    ID: FL150
    Mfr ID: FL150
    O.C. White Micro-Lite Deluxe Fluorescent Replacement Lamp.


  • Scienscope IL-FR-24B Replacement Lamp, 12W

    ID: IL-FR-24B
    Mfr ID: IL-FR-24B
    Scienscope Replacement Lamp for L-FR-24 fluorescent ring light.


  • Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Objective Lens

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: MCO
    Vision Engineering Objective Lens for mantis compact microscopes.


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