Parker Chomerics Shield Wrap™ Knitted Wire Mesh Tape, 1" x 1000'

ID: CHOMESH086031 Mfr ID: CHOMESH086031
Manufactured by: EIS Supplier
Shield Wrap wire mesh EMI/EMP shielding tape is produced as a two-ply flattened cylinder of varying widths, loop spacings, wire sizes and metals. Shield Wrap mesh is designed to wrap easily (50% overlap recommended) around cables and harnesses, and will reduce corona discharge in addition to providing EMI shielding. Although not intended as a substitute for braided grounding straps, Shield Wrap mesh becomes especially useful for grounding when considerable flexibility is required.

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  • Brand name :  Parker Chomerics
  • Trade Name :  Shield Wrap™
  • Series :  Shield Wrap
  • Item Name :  Knitted Wire Mesh Tape
  • Short Desc :  05-0860-0432-01 CHOMESH STRIP 1"X100'
  • UNSPSC :  30141500

Parker Chomerics Shield Wrap™ Knitted Wire Mesh Tape. It has excellent flexibility and conforms easily to irregular and complex surfaces. Under rising temperatures, the wire's knitted loops enlarge into each other instead of bulging away from wrapped surfaces, as do straight wires of woven mesh.

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