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Magnetizer / Demagnetizers

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  • General Tools 360 Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, 1" L x 1-3/4" W x 1" H

    ID: 360-GEN
    Mfr ID: 360
    The #360 magnetizer/demagnetizer can gauss and degauss screwdrivers, nut drivers, wrenches, taps and small tools. Can convert any tool blade into a magnetic retriever of screws, nuts and metallic particles.


  • Wera 003300 Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

    ID: 003300-WER
    Mfr ID: 3300
    Wera Star tool magnetizes and demagnetizes Wera screwdriver tips to retain metal screws and fasteners. Simply pass the tip over the notched surface to impress magnetism and pass tip on the reverse pole to demagnetize.


  • Wiha Tools 40010 Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, 2.1" L x 1.1" W x 2" H

    ID: 40010-WIH
    Mfr ID: 40010
    Mfr: Wiha USA
    Pocket-sized unit has powerful magnet instantly magnetizing and demagnetizing any steel tools or small parts. Simply insert tool into the (+) opening to magnetize or the (-) opening to demagnetize.

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