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Transmission LineTransmission Line

GCG Broadband offers a full line of transmission line from 1/4” through 1-5/8” for a wide variety of applications and environments.  These products include foam dielectric, air dielectric offered in flexible, extra flexible and super flexible constructions. Our brand names represent the most complete, cost-effective, high-performance coaxial cables in the world.

SUPPLIER: Commscope / Superior Essex / RFS / Microwave



GCG Broadband offers a wide variety of coaxial connectors and components that ensure excellent RF transmission performance and provide superior mechanical reliability. Our connectors deliver low intermodulation distortion (IMD), low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and maintain your system's integrity even in the harshest environments.  Our components are available for wireless and radiating, air, braided, and waveguide cable.

SUPPLIER: Commscope / Superior Essex / RFS / Microwave


Tower Power Cable & Fiber-to-the-Antenna (FTTA)Tower Power Cable & Fiber-to-the-Antenna (FTTA)

GCG Broadband provides tower power cable and fiber-to-the-antenna connectivity. Our products can be configured to meet your needs and deliver all the power plus fiber you need, including: hybrid trunk cable, junction boxes, assemblies, connectors, enclosures, shelves, and accessories.   With one highly reliable and customizable product, you can maximize network uptime, lower total cost of ownership and simplify newer technology upgrades. GCG Broadband offers everything you need to meet your FTTA objectives for towers, rooftops and other support structures.

SUPPLIER: Prysmian / Commscope / RFS / Belden


DAS & In Building Coax and FiberDAS & In Building Coax and Fiber

GCG Broadband offers practical wireless solutions that meet the challenges of today’s mobile networks. We can help you deliver coverage and capacity indoors & outdoors.  Our Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions help deliver reliable wireless coverage virtually anywhere—in vast stadiums and tall buildings, dense urban areas and even deep underground. GCG’s full line of DAS line power cables, coax, connectors, jumpers, plenum and riser fiber, fiber hybrids, low PIM and plenum jumpers can help you complete the most difficult project on time and under budget.

SUPPLIER: Prysmian / Commscope / Superior Essex / RFS / Microwave



GCG Broadband provides solutions in backhaul, capacity enhancements and network modernization that help you keep up with increasing network demand. Our expansive portfolio of base station, microwave and distributed antenna system (DAS) antennas utilizes technologies that provide simple, reliable and cost-effective implementation of these solutions. Every solution delivers more uptime for your network, exceptional survivability and a lower total cost of ownership.

SUPPLIER: Commscope / RFS / Laird


Braided CablesBraided Cables

GCG Broadband’s line of brand named braided coax products represents the most complete, cost-effective, high-performance coaxial cables in the world. We offer products for mobile, broadcast, cellular, PCS, military, terrestrial microwave, CATV, HF, earth station and personal communication, as well as many other applications. We are proud to feature Times Microwave’s line of LMR coax and related connectors.

SUPPLIER: Times Microwave / Belden / General Cable


Cable Assemblies & AccessoriesCable Assemblies & Accessories

GCG Broadband supplies coax, fiber optic and copper cable assembly solutions that are the main connectivity support for wireless and wireline carrier networks. Our complete line of fiber jumpers, OFNR multi-strand fiber assemblies, low PIM jumpers, and grounding kits, provide the foundation for active and passive product installations.

SUPPLIER: Times Microwave / Cable Exchange


DAS & Small Cell Infrastructure PowerDAS & Small Cell Infrastructure Power

GCG Broadband is pleased to be partnered with Alpha Technologies to offer their line of DAS & Small Cell Infrastructure power products. Alpha is the leader in powering wireless networks, from Macro Cells to DAS to Small Cell networks.   Alpha combines their expertise in base station power and outdoor broadband power equipment cabinets to deliver end-to-end DAS power solutions from base station, to the head end and remote radios. GCG stocks Alpha eLimiter+ and related products for Class 2 line powering.



Wireless Broadband Surge ProtectionWireless Broadband Surge Protection

GCG Broadband distributes multiple lightning and surge protection solutions from industry leading manufactures. Through our partners we are able to provide an integrated system designed to help provide total facility lightning protection. These solution include protection for coax surge, 10/100BaseT Power over Ethernet (PoE)- powered base stations, subscriber units, IP network surveillance cameras or any other PoE-powered device. In addition we offer solutions for protection for 24/48 VDC-powered base stations, subscriber units and other 24/48 VDC-based systems.

SUPPLIER: Erico / Times Microwave


DAS & Small Cell EnclosuresDAS & Small Cell Enclosures

GCG Broadband offers standard and customizable DAS & Small Cell enclosures. This product line includes compact power system enclosures designed to operate in extreme environments.   Our Small Cell enclosure solutions offer a demarcation box for distributing power, patching, and splicing. These enclosures are designed for connecting radio remote heads in high and low-density small cell applications.  These outdoor rated boxes are fully-configurable, with universal mounting.



DAS & Public Safety SystemsDAS & Public Safety Systems

GCG Broadband is pleased to be partnered with SOLiD, a key contributor to the wireless densification evolution, offering Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that empower cellular coverage and capacity at hospitals, international airports, metropolitan subways, sports and entertainment venues, government and corporate facilities, university campuses, and other high-profile sites. SOLiD is synonymous with ingenuity that reduces complexity and risk.