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Installation ToolingInstallation Tooling

Cable Prep and installation tools for the telecommunication industry. These tools include everything you need to install your networking infrastructure.  Items include but are not limited to Fish Tapes, Poly Line, Cable Ties, Punch down tools, test sets, scissors, drills, etc.

SUPPLIER: General Machine Products / Greenlee / Burndy / Jameson


Butt SetsButt Sets

A butt set can be connected wherever there is a telephone/data circuit, anywhere the wires are accessible.  With various versions and types available, each most often includes High-impedance monitor, LCD, Smart Intercom, Calling Line ID, Pair tracing toner, DTMF decoding, Multiple last-number redial and ten speed-dial memories.

SUPPLIER: Greenlee / Fluke Networks


Aerial ToolsAerial Tools

With years of input from professional linemen, an extensive line of cable placement tools for fiber optic and coaxial cable installation and maintenance has been developed. Whether you are working from the ground or in the air, we have the aerial construction tools that make cable placement easier and safer.

SUPPLIER: Jameson / General Machine Products



GCG Broadband supplies a broad range of cutters designed by the best suppliers in the business.  These include specialty cutters designed for cutting cables in tight spots like manholes, ditches and riser closets, as well as compact cable cutter specifically engineered to cut communications cables with steel components.

SUPPLIER: Jameson / General Machine Products / 3M / Greenlee


Fiberglass Conduit RoddersFiberglass Conduit Rodders

A comprehensive line of rodders is available to help you handle any job from running long distance copper, coax or fiber optic cable to pushing a sonde through conduit or pipe.

SUPPLIER: Jameson / General Machine Products


Plug PressersPlug Pressers

General Machine Products' ingenious plug presser tool is the most rugged, versatile and easy-to-use presser on the market. It makes mechanically sound, conductive connections in seconds with almost any modular plug available and lets you do it with one hand.
Also available is GMP’s pressing kit.  A compact, lightweight pressing center that you can carry anywhere, with everything you need to make hundreds of different modular connections.

SUPPLIER: General Machine Products


Splicer Snips & KniveshSplicer Snips & Knivesh

GCG Broadband’s array of splicer snips and knives includes products from the three most respected companies in the industry.  The extensive line of products include items customized for specific jobs and combination tools which will do more than one job.

SUPPLIER: Jameson / General Machine Products / Greenlee


Fiberglass Fish TapeFiberglass Fish Tape

Designed for inside wiring in occupied conduit as small as 1/2”, round rod slides easily over existing wires, especially at bends, and has a smooth, non-binding payout and return to canister.  Coated with high visibility polymer sheath to protect against rod abrasion and reduce friction, fiberglass fish tape has exceptional bending strength for maneuvering tight turns.  This product will not kink.

SUPPLIER: Jameson / General Machine Products / Greenlee


Underground Marking & Warning TapeUnderground Marking & Warning Tape

Terra Tape® (Reef Industries) is a high quality underground warning tape that can prevent the dangers of digging into buried utility lines of all types. Avoid service interruptions, unnecessary loss of revenue and repair expenses that occur when a buried utility line is damaged. Terra Tape® detectable and non-detectable underground marking tapes are specified the world over to protect against accidental dig-ins and to alert workers of buried pipes and cables.  Terra Tape® is installed directly above the utility and warns those digging to stop. Terra Tape® also identifies the type of buried utility line that is present, such as power or communication utilities.

SUPPLIER: Terra Tape® - Reef Industries


Labels & SignsLabels & Signs

Highly visible signs and labels for above-ground and underground utilities minimize the risks of accidental uncovering of buried utility lines, and prevent damage caused by maintenance equipment.  Our state-of-the art processes yield permanent, UV-resistant displays. Depend on GCG Broadband for products to defend against accidental dig-in and costly and dangerous accidents. These lightweight, durable products resist harsh weather, corrosion, UV exposure, and fading.

SUPPLIER: Carsonite


Posts & MarkersPosts & Markers

Composite markers provide high visibility and easy identification of above-ground and underground utilities to minimize the risks of accidental uncovering of buried utility lines, and prevent damage caused by maintenance equipment.

SUPPLIER: Carsonite / Pro-Mark



Often Mother Nature is too close for comfort.  GCG Broadband offers NatureChem Ant Killer and Wasp Spray to keep the insects at bay.

SUPPLIER: NatureChem