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Product Category

Figure 8 Aerial Duct

Blue Diamond manufactures figure 8 duct featuring a high tensile galvanized support strand for aerial placement of duct. The support strand is an integral component of the co-extruded duct. There are limited sizes and availability to this specialty duct. The current product offering is 1.25” SDR 13.5 with a ¼” strand. Contact GCG Broadband for your product requirements.

Suppliers: Blue Diamond


Locatable Duct

HDPE conduit with detectible mule tape – Mule tape is a low stretch, high strength woven tape used for locating innerduct, conduit and buried cables.

Suppliers: Blue Diamond / Four Star



Innerduct is a small conduit that comes in various sizes.  This conduit is used for the placement of fiber optic cables for underground use.

Suppliers: Blue Diamond / Four Star



Whether you are building a new FTTH, FTTC, FTTX or are interested in adding micro-duct to an existing conduit, GCG Broadband has a solution and the expertise to get the job done.

Suppliers: Blue Diamond


PVC Conduit Fittings & Accessories

GCG Broadband supplies nonmetallic electrical conduit, fittings, accessories, utility and communications duct, directional boring conduit and residential switch and outlet boxes.

Suppliers: Cantex Inc.



Installing the cable in the conduit at the manufacturing facility ensures a clean and damage free cable is delivered to the field. CIC also eliminates the added expense of pulling in the cable at the field site under conditions which may be less than conducive to a good clean installation.

Suppliers: Blue Diamond / Four Star


Mule Tape

FiberTek is a leading innovator and manufacturer of measuring and pull tapes for the electrical construction, telecommunications and power utilities industries. Products are offered in tensile strengths up to 6000 pounds, can be printed or unprinted, plus have a factory pre-lubricated or plain yarn surface finish. Continuous reel lengths up to 100,000 feet are readily available. Standard industry sizes are available or we can design and manufacture to most of your demanding specifications and custom pulling requirements.

Suppliers: FiberTek


Tracer Wire

Copperhead tracer wire is used to assist in locating buried plastic pipe and fiber optic lines.

Suppliers: Copperhead