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GCG Broadband has partnered with the key suppliers in the broadband industry, allowing us to provide Tower Owners with the products and services they need for this unique market.

Towers are designed primarily to support communications.  Examples would be radio and television transmission towers, microwave towers, common-carrier towers, cellular telephone towers, alternative tower structures, as well as the supporting apparatus.

Towers are constructed with one or more antennas for telephone, radio and similar communication purposes.  GCG Broadband has a comprehensive inventory for tower owners, including tower power cable & FTTA, attenuators, couplers & adapters, cell site materials, and the necessary messenger strand and support materials.

GCG Broadband and its strategic partners provide a single source for tower needs.

See our PRODUCTS page for a complete list of materials.


If you have a specific question regarding your product needs, CONTACT US.