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Dow Corning Q3-6679 Fluorogel™ Dielectric Gel, 0.9kg Kit, Colorless/Colorless

ID: DCQ3-6679X0.9KG Mfr ID: Q3-6679-0.9KG
Manufactured by: Dow Corning
Dow Corning gels addresses special needs to enable your designs in a reliable and cost effective manner. This family include thixotropic gels that provide controlled flow, fluorogels with resistance to some solvents and fuels, controlled volatility gels for sensitive applications and uv curing gels for very fast and low temperature cure. Gels are a special class of encapsulants that cure to an extremely soft material. Gels cure in place to form cushioning, self-healing, resilient materials.

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  • Brand name :  Dow Corning
  • Trade Name :  Fluorogel™
  • Series :  Q3-6679
  • Item Name :  Dielectric Gel
  • Short Desc :  DIELECTRIC GEL,Q3-6679 KIT 0.9KG KIT
  • UNSPSC :  31201700

Cured gels retain much of the stress relief and self healing qualities of a liquid while providing the dimensional stability of an elastomer which is increasingly needed for delicate components. Gels have been used to isolate circuits from the harmful effects of moisture and other contaminants and provide electrical insulation for high voltages. Another use is providing stress relief to protect circuits and interconnections from thermal and mechanical stresses.

Design & Construction
Cure Type Room Temperature/Heat Cure 
Form - Part-A Liquid 
Form - Part-B Liquid 
Color - Part-A Colorless 
Color - Part-B Colorless 
Performance Details
Full Cure Time 120 min at 100 deg C, 24 - 168 hr at Room Temperature 
Environmental Condition
Temperature Rating -45 to 200 deg C 
Chemical Properties
Composition - Part-A Fluorosilicone 
Composition - Part-B Fluorosilicone 
Specific Gravity - Part-A 1.26 
Viscosity - Part-A 1400 cSt 
Viscosity - Part-B 900 cSt 
Supporting Information
Applicable Materials Aluminum, Ceramics, Plastics, Metals 
Physical Properties
Container Size 0.9kg 
Container Type Kit 
Odor/Scent - Part-A Slight 
Odor/Scent - Part-B Slight 

Dow Corning Q3-6679 Fluorogel™ Dielectric Gel, 0.9kg Kit, Colorless/Colorless Technical Data Sheet 

Dow Corning Q3-6679 Fluorogel™ Dielectric Gel, 0.9kg Kit, Colorless/Colorless Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

Features :

  • Solvent resistant gel
  • Long working time
  • Resists fuels and solvents
  • Long working time at room temperature provides processing flexibility
  • Can be considered for use where resistance to fuels or solvents is required
  • Soft gel, soft stress relieving, solventless, thermosetting
  • Chemical resistance, fluid resistance, fuel resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, solvent resistance, thermal resistance, uv resistance and water resistance
  • High and low temperature stable

Applications :