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Hot Tweezer Systems

Hot Tweezer Systems for desoldering and rework applications are designed for precise desoldering of very small components, such as SMD components. Hot Tweezer Systems are ESD safe to protect sensitive components. These tweezers allow for quick and easy change of tips.

EIS supplies Hot Tweezer Systems from top suppliers Apex Tool Group, Hakko, and Weller in various weights and kit options to meet any demand.

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  • Weller 51317399 Tweezer Set, For Precise Desoldering of Very Small SMD Components

    ID: 0051317399
    Mfr ID: 51317399
    Mfr: Weller
    Precise desoldering of very small SMD components. Tips are parallel in the tip cartridge so they are always in alignment. Compatible with WD1M and WD2M high speed power units. The tips are automatically switched off when placed in the WMRTH stand. Uses RTW series plug-in style tip cartridges.


  • Hakko 950-CK Tweezer Kit

    ID: 950-CK
    Mfr ID: 950-CK
    Mfr: Hakko
    Direct heating less influence upon surrounding components on crowded boards. Easy removes SMD chips and flat pack's up to 25 mm. The collet allows easy replacement and alignment of the tip.


  • Hakko FM2022-05 SMD Parallel Remover Kit, For FM2022-02 Handpiece

    ID: FM2022-05-HAK
    Mfr ID: FM2022-05
    Mfr: Hakko
    The Hakko FM-2022 SMD parallel remover uses revolutionary parallel action between the tip ends (one tip remains stationary) allowing greater surface contact between the tip and the component and providing more efficient and even heat transfer. For use with the FM-203 or FM-202 soldering station only. Whether removing small chips or larger SOP components, the parallel action of the FM-2022 also allows for a more secure hold onto the component.


  • Hakko FM2023-05 Mini Hot Tweezer Kit, For FM2023-02 Handpiece

    ID: FM2023-05-HAK
    Mfr ID: FM2023-05
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko FM-2023 mini hot tweezer tool is designed for use with small chip components, as small as 0201. This Tweezer tool has a unique feature allowing it to work in standard or reverse action mode.