Hot Air Rework Station

Hot Air Rework Systems are a crucial tool when reworking a printed circuit boards. It is very common to have to troubleshoot a circuit board because parts can be placed incorrectly, defective parts need to be removed, or even to much solder was used and you have solder jumpers. Hot Air Rework Stations allow you refinish or repair an already reflowed circuit board. EIS has a variety of Hot Air Rework Stations that allow you to:

  • Navigate densely populated areas with pinpoint accuracy
  • Adjust airflow
  • Increase temperature setting ranges
  • Compatible with a wide variety of nozzles

EIS supplies Hot Air Rework Systems from various top suppliers such as Apex Tool Group, Edsyn, Hakko, Metcal, and Weller. These Hot Air Rework Systems are available in a an assortment of voltages, temperature ranges, and weights to successfully meet the demands of any Hot Air Rework Systems need.

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  • ID:
    Mfr ID: HCT2-120
    Mfr: Metcal
    The new HCT2-120 hot air pencil is the latest addition to Metcal's offering of convection rework tools. This digital hand held convection tool is ideally suited for light rework applications, which use smaller components and integrated circuits. As component miniaturization continues, the ergonomics of a pencil allow a user more freedom to access and rework components on the board without affecting adjacent parts.


  • Weller WHA900 Rework Hot Air Station with Internal Pump, 650W, 120V, 8-3/16" L x 6-5/8" W x 4-1/4" H

    ID: WHA900-WEL
    Mfr ID: WHA900
    Mfr: Weller
    We precisely calibrate our Weller hot air rework systems with microprocessor temperature control technology and store the parameters so adjustments aren't necessary and like all our products.


  • Leister 100.859 Hot Jet's Air Gun, 460W, 120V, 9.2" L x 2.7" dia

    ID: 100.859
    Mfr ID: 100.859
    The smallest Leister hot-air hand tool. Stepless, electronically controlled temperature. Stepless, electronically controlled air flow. As the most compact hot-air hand tool from Leister, the HOT JET's low weight of 600g (including cord and slim handle) ensures high-powered, fatigue-free welding and high power.


  • Edsyn 1036 Loner® Atmoscope® Self-Contained SMT Deluxe Hot Air Station, 150W, 120V, 5.2" W x 8-1/2" H x 10" D

    ID: 1036-EDS
    Mfr ID: 1036
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Loner Atmoscope self-contained SMT hot air station with FA069 PS542 and PD525. This station is perfect for lab-type settings where shop air is not available. With a helpful variety of hot air tips at your disposal you will find soldering with this station a breeze.


  • Hakko 851-2 Rework Hot Air Station, 85W, 110V

    ID: 851-2-HAK
    Mfr ID: 851-2
    Mfr: Hakko
    Hakko use this station for shrinking tubing or soldering and desoldering small SMC components. ESD protected, it also features adjustable temperature control from 212 deg to 1004 deg F (100 deg to 540 deg C) and an air volume selector switch with an ultra-light setting.


  • Edsyn 971HA Loner® Atmoscope® SMT Hot Air Station, 15 - 220W, 120V, 4.1" W x 9.7" H x 10" D

    ID: 971HA-EDS
    Mfr ID: 971HA
    Mfr: Edsyn
    Our best value when it comes to hand held SMT rework and other hot air applications. This station has the versatility to suit a large variety of applications and it's modular design offers outstanding performance with either hot air or traditional contact rework.


  • Hakko FR-1418-03 SMD Single Zone BGA Rework System, 120VAC, 28" L x 28" W x 28" H

    ID: FR1418-03-HAK
    Mfr ID: FR-1418-03
    Mfr: Hakko
    The Hakko FR-1418 BGA rework system is constructed of heavy-walled aluminum castings for unsurpassed precision and stability and uses precisely controlled solder reflow profiles. The system features a unique gantry style construction similar to that of a pick-and-place machine, which allows the PCB to remain stationary while the head moves to accomplish the X, Y, Z and Theta alignment.


  • Metcal HCT-900 Hand Held Hot Air Convection Tool

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    Mfr ID: HCT-900
    Mfr: Metcal
    The HCT-900 hand held convection tool is a low cost, versatile rework solution for a wide variety of production and rework application challenges. It has a compact, robust design comprising of analog controls for both airflow and heat.


  • Weller WHA3000P Rework Hot Air Station, 700W, 120V, 9-1/2" L x 10.6" W x 6.7" H

    ID: WHA3000P
    Mfr ID: WHA3000P
    Mfr: Weller
    The WHA3000P hot air station is suitable for difficult repairs on circuit boards with FINEPITCH components. A thorough design concept combines maximum process safety with ease of use and technically advanced application solutions. A comprehensive range of accessories adds to the possible uses of this repair workstation.