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Motor Quality Test Systems

Field-proven motor quality testing systems ensure motor uptime and improve overall motor reliability. Motor testing is available as


Use motor quality test systems to analyze insulation and AC and DC motor circuits, coils and even generators, for resistance, impedance, capacitance and various other measurements.

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  • Baker Instrument 99-DX-6-ZDS3 Static Motor Analyzer, 6kV

    ID: BAKER99-DX6-ZDS3
    Mfr ID: 99-DX-6-ZDS3
    The SKF static motor analyzer Baker DX offers more capabilities to analyze all insulation and motor circuits in AC and DC motors, coils and generators. These instruments offer insulation resistance (IR), polarization index (PI), dielectric absorption (DA), DC hipot/step voltage and surge tests to evaluate all the insulation in motors and coils. The motor circuit can also be analyzed utilizing resistance, impedance, capacitance, phase angle and dissipation factor/quality factor measurements.


  • Baker Instrument EXP4000 Dynamic Motor Analyzer, 1000VAC/500VDC

    ID: BAKER99EXP4000
    Mfr ID: EXP4000
    SKF's dynamic motor test and monitoring instruments are built to conduct condition monitoring tests of motors and generators from a motor control center (MCC) or through a Baker EP1000 connection unit. The SKF dynamic motor analyzer - EXP4000 is the latest generation of low voltage, battery operated instruments that test motors and generators in-service or while they are in operation.


  • Baker Instrument 99-DX-15-ZDS3 RLC Static Motor Analyzer, 15kV

    Mfr ID: 99-DX-15-ZDS3
    The Baker DX-15 extends the capabilities of the Baker DX family to perform insulation and motor circuit tests on AC and DC motors, coils and generators at test voltages up to 15 kV (40 kV, with accessories). Like the 4, 6 and 12kV versions of the Baker DX, this analyzer performs insulation resistance, polarization index, dielectric absorption, step-voltage and surge tests to detect weaknesses or faults in motor winding and ground wall insulation.


  • Safety Test Pistol, 10kVDC/8kVAC, 2M Cable Length

    ID: MDS-400121
    Mfr ID: 400121
    The test pistol is used for contacting the test object during the manual high-voltage test. Various high-voltage test pistols are available for individual tasks. The high-voltage test pistol allows safe and comfortable manual contacting of individual test points. The test probe tip is made of almost wear-free tungsten, which guarantees a long life and is protected by an arc-steady teflon tube.


  • Ambient Temperature Sensor For Resistance Test

    ID: 403109
    Mfr ID: 403109
    Ambient Temperature Sensor For Resistance Test.


  • Kelvin Clamp

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: Kelvin
    Excellent quality. Perfect 4-wire contacting. Well-proven, solid design. Firmly-connected measuring leads. Pluggable measuring leads in the handle.


  • On/Off Foot Switch with 2M Cable

    ID: MDS-4010611
    Mfr ID: 4010611
    The foot switch is used for starting a test. Depending on the configuration of a tester, the foot switch must either be continuously activated during the entire test or it can be released after the start.


  • Replacement Battery For Motor Analyzer

    Mfr ID: MA-BAT
    Replacement Battery For Motor Analyzer.