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Condition Monitoring Software

Complete analysis software provides reliable and repeatable results through a range of testing capabilities. Software for electric motor testing, like torque monitoring and vibration testing, typically allows the user to compile reports from provided data, export, save and archive the data, and report real-time information on a motor in operation.

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  • Baker Instrument V4000 Vibration Software

    ID: BAKER18012
    Mfr ID: V4000
    Baker Instrument V4000 Vibration Software


  • Baker Instrument 3000VP Vibration Software

    ID: BAKER84EXP3000VP
    Mfr ID: 84-EXP3000VP
    Baker Instrument 3000VP Vibration Software


  • Baker Instrument DC4000 Analysis Software

    ID: BAKER18011
    Mfr ID: DC4000
    Baker Instrument DC4000 Analysis Software


  • Baker Instrument DT3000 Desktop Software

    ID: BAKERDT3000
    Mfr ID: DT3000
    Desktop module for the EXP3000 series testers. Have all the power of the EXP3000 instrument at your finger tips. View all testing results and create reports quickly and easily at your desktop.


  • Baker Instrument DC3000 DC Analysis Software

    ID: BAKERDC3000
    Mfr ID: DC3000
    Baker Instrument DC Analysis Software


  • Baker Instrument V3000 Vibration Software

    ID: BAKERV3000
    Mfr ID: V3000
    Baker Instrument V3000 Vibration Software


  • Baker Instrument TM3000 Torque Monitoring Software

    ID: BAKERTM3000
    Mfr ID: TM3000
    Obtain dramatic results and a greater degree of confidence in motor findings with conclusive evidence of problems through torque analysis. Baker Instrument Company, an SKF Group Company is the only company offering this highly unique and comprehensive look at motor reliability and health.


  • Fluke FVF-SC2 Software with Cable

    ID: FVF-SC2
    Mfr ID: FVF-SC2
    Mfr: Fluke
    Fluke presents FlukeView forms documenting software. FlukeView forms increases the power of your Fluke tool by enabling you to document, store and analyze individual readings or series of measurements, then convert them into professional looking documents. Several versions of the product are available, depending upon the type of cable needed to download data from your instrument and depending upon the data reporting capability you need. FlukeView forms offers two levels of capability.


  • Baker Instrument CM3000 Continuous Monitoring Software

    ID: BAKERCM3000
    Mfr ID: CM3000
    The CM3000 software enables the user to monitor 41 data points in real time. This real time and continuous data gathering capability will give immediate impact in finding intermittent problems with motor such as electrical tripping.


  • Baker Instrument VFD3000 Variable Frequency Drive Software

    ID: BAKERVFD3000
    Mfr ID: VFD3000
    Shows how frequency, speed, torque and voltage level vary with respect to time, enabling identification of transient overloading of the motor by the VFD.