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Crouse Hinds Chico® SpeedSeal™ Chico® X Ceramic Fiber, 1 lb

Manufactured by: EIS Supplier
Introduced more than 75 years ago, this brand now consists of the traditional Chico® A sealing compound, the Chico® Intrapak, Chico® X Fiber, and Chico® SpeedSeal™ Compound. Sealing compounds form a seal around and between each electrical conductor inside a sealing fitting.

USD $199.77 / EA

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This item may be sold in units of 1.

  • Brand name :  Crousehinds
  • Trade Name :  Chico® SpeedSeal™
  • Series :  SpeedSeal™ Chico® X-FBR
  • Item Name :  Ceramic Fiber
  • UNSPSC :  13100000

A mineral wool that packs easily, forming around each conductor. Once hardened, the compound restricts the passage of gases, vapors, or flames through the conduit from one portion of an electrical installation to another portion.

Features :

  • A mineral wool that packs easily, forming around each conductor
  • Installs a reliable seal in five minutes - every time
  • Hardens to a dense, strong mass that is suitable for class I, division 1, groups C, D and class II, division 1, groups E, F, G hazardous applications
  • UL and cUL listed for use with 1/2 Inch to 2 Inch Eaton's Crouse-Hinds sealing fittings only
  • Packaged in a 2 oz. or 6 oz. pre-measured cartridge, eliminating the need for measuring before mixing
  • Packaged with a screw-on nozzle for accurate dispensing
  • Expands four times its original size in the sealing fitting, eliminating the need to separate the individual conductors with Chico X fiber
  • Chico X fiber dams are not required in horizontal applications, reducing installation times
  • Completely hardens in 20 minutes, simplifying use for OEMs
  • Suitable for cold temperature environments without the costly need to build a temporary shelter around sealing fittings

Applications :

  • For Sealing Fittings and Hubs, Forms a dam between the integral bushing of the sealing fitting and the end of the conduit and around the electrical conductors entering the hub