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GCG Broadband

Look to Genuine Cable Group - Broadband for all the critical products and services needed by independent telephone companies, RUS plow contractors, utilities, municipalities, electrical co-ops, wireless providers and their contractors, tower owners and CLEC’s.

GCG Broadband partners with premium suppliers to bring you the best quality and on-hand availability.

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GCG Assemblies

Genuine Cable Group - Assemblies manufactures custom electro-mechanical assemblies, cable assemblies and box builds.

GCG Assemblies supports its customers in the telecommunications, military, industrial & transit markets and maintains ISO-9001 certification and manufacturing registrations by UL & CSA for safety.

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For all cable and associated electrical and electronic products for the military and shipbuilding industry, The oil and gas industry and industrial markets, request Seacoast.

For over 70 years, Seacoast has maintained the broadest and most complete inventories of cabling for the military, including Navy symbol products and shipboard and oil & gas rig wire and cable.

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Electro Wire

Electro Wire specializes in providing superior brands like Exane® and TelcoFlex® wire and cable and a full range of electronic wire and cable, shrink tubing, fiber optics, connectors and terminals. Additionally, Electro Wire is the largest TelcoFlex® supplier in North America, making its cable solutions the most widely used for powering major telecommunication networks nationwide.

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The main focus of Connect-Air has always been HVAC Control, Fire and Life Safety and the Security industries. Connect-Air's customers often require cables that are "niche" items or very application-specific to their needs.

Connect-Air is their go-to for these near-custom designs and builds. In fact, Connect-Air stocks many of these very specific cables for on-hand availability.


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Cobra Wire & Cable

Specialty markets for Cobra Wire & Cable include the Pleasure Craft Marine Industry, the Industrial Marketplace and Telecom, Data Center and Battery Markets. Most major battery cable OEM's use Cobra wire and cable in their products. And Cobra carries a full line of UL and CSA boat wire, cable and extra flexible tinned copper marine battery cables.

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Communications Products and Services (CPS)

Communications Products and Services (CPS) is a leading provider of outside plant product solutions for both aerial and underground broadband cable and wireless network infrastructure.

CPS assists in the design and construction of networks for broadband voice, video and data communications, transportation control systems and utilities.

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