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Dow Corning - Potting Compounds & Encapsulants

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  • Dow Corning 7 Release Compound, 150g Tub, White/Translucent

    ID: DC7X150G
    Mfr ID: 7X150G
    Dow Corning 7 release compound is a versatile, heat stable, highly effective silicone release agent. Used with plastics, rubber, metals and adhesives, it gives long-lasting release, yet remains inert to most materials.

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  • Dow Corning 3-8264 Elastomeric Encapsulant

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 8264
    Dow Corning encapsulant is a low viscosity and Self-priming at moderate temperatures.


  • Dow Corning 92-009 Air Dry Dispersion Coating, 2.9kg Pail

    ID: DC92-009X2.9KG
    Mfr ID: 92-009X2.9KG
    Dow Corning 92-009 dispersion coating is a single component, room temperature curing silicone rubber material. The coating is easily applied by brushing, dipping, pouring or spraying and cures within 72 hr to a tough, transparent, rubbery film.


  • Dow Corning 93-500 Thixotropic Space Grade Encapsulant

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 93-500
    Dow Corning 93-500 space grade encapsulate is a transparent, room-temperature-curing, solventless silicone material designed for potting, filling, embedding and encapsulating electronic and other equipment for use in the space environment. It is supplied as a nearly colorless, free flowing, low viscosity fluid.


  • Dow Corning R-6101 Hipec® One-Part Semiconductor Protective Coating, 453g Bottle, Clear

    ID: DCR-6101X453G
    Mfr ID: R-6101X453G
    Dow Corning silicone encapsulants are designed to meet the key criteria for the micro- and optoelectronic packaging industry, including excellent adhesion, high purity, moisture resistance and thermal and electrical stability.


  • Dow Corning 236 Dispersion Coating

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 236
    Dow Corning 236 dispersion coating is a silicone rubber coating. It is easily applied to a wide variety of surfaces to provide a dry-surfaced, durable, rubbery coating. Supplied as a liquid, the coating material can be applied by brushing, spraying, dipping, roller coating or stamp coating. It cures to form a smooth, white rubber coating at room temperature when exposed to the air.


  • Dow Corning 567 Sylgard® Primerless Encapsulant

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 567
    Dow Corning's Sylgard brand silicone 1 to 1 encapsulants are supplied as two-part liquid component kits. When liquid components are thoroughly mixed, the mixture cures to a flexible elastomer, which is well suited for the protection of electrical/electronic applications. Sylgard silicone encapsulants cure without exotherm at a constant rate regardless of sectional thickness or degree of confinement.


  • Dow Corning M-2 Curing Agent, 20.4kg Pail, Beige

    ID: DCM-2X20.4KG-BASE
    Mfr ID: M-2X20.4KG-BASE
    Dow Corning M-2 Curing Agent.