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3M Electrical OEM Materials

3M Electrical OEM Materials provide the essential products to manufacturing for insulating, protecting and shielding electrical and electronic components.  Products include Insulating and Conductive Tapes, Flexible Insulation, Heat Shrink products, and Resins & Mastics.  Applications include Transformers, Motors & Generators, and electrified Transportation.

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  • 3M 1120 EMI Smooth Aluminum Foil Shielding Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1120
    3M aluminum foil tape 1120 has a 2-mil smooth aluminum foil backing coated with a conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Its acrylic adhesive has good resistance to oxidation, solvents and oils.


  • 3M 1139 Paper Core Polyester/Glass Filament Electrical Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1139
    3M filament tape 1139 is a solvent-resistant, high temperature filament tape with acrylic adhesive. Designed for applications needing both the dielectric strength of polyester film and the high mechanical strength of glass fibers. Low stretch, high tensile and edge-tear resistant's.


  • 3M 1182 EMI Double Coated Copper Foil Shielding Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1182
    3M copper foil shielding Tape 1182 has a 1.4 Mil copper foil backing with conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides and a liner. The 1182 tape with double-coated conductive adhesive makes an excellent conductive gasket.


  • 3M 1339 Plastic Core Polyester/Glass Filament Electrical Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 1339-PC
    3M electrical tape 1339 is a plastic cored polyester film/glass filament tape coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system. The polyester film/glass backing has excellent physical and electrical characteristics. The back side of the tape has a special coating which allows for an even, controlled unwind.


  • 3M 1755 Temflex™ Cotton Fabric Friction Tape, 3/4" x 60" x 13 Mil, Black, 20/Case

    ID: 3M1755X.75
    Mfr ID: 80611437734
    3M Temflex 1755 friction tape is a high-grade, black friction tape designed to provide mechanical protection against abrasion and cut-through for cable, wire splices and connections insulated with rubber electrical tape. Composed of a high quality cotton fabric, coated on both sides with an electrical grade, solvent free, rubber adhesive.


  • 3M 2191FR EMI Nickel on Copper-Plated Polyester Fabric Shielding Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 2191FR
    3M nickel on copper-plated PET ripstop fabric tape 2191FR has a 5.2 Mil nickel on copper-plated polyester ripstop fabric with conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and liner, this fabric tape is UL recognized for flame retardancy per UL 510.


  • 3M 2155 Temflex™ Vinyl Splicing Tape, 3/4" x 22 ' x 30 Mil, Black

    ID: 3M2155X.75
    Mfr ID: HC000592382
    3M Temflex 2155 rubber splicing tape is a conformable self-fusing rubber electrical insulating tape. It is designed for low voltage electrical insulating and moisture sealing applications.


  • 3M 2242 Scotch® Vinyl Premium Linerless Electrical Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 2242
    Scotch 2242 electrical tape is an economical, general purpose, rubber tape. The tape is a highly conformable, linerless EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) based electrical insulating tape. The tape is designed for use in splicing and terminating wires and cables rated up to 90 deg C.


  • 3M 22 Scotch® Vinyl Heavy Duty Premium Grade Electrical Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 22-3M
    Scotch heavy-duty vinyl electrical tape 22 is a premium grade, 10 Mil thick, vinyl insulating tape. It is designed to perform continuously in ambient temperatures up to 80 deg C. The tape is conformable for cold weather applications down to 15 deg F.

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  • 3M 28 Printable Acetate Electrical Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 28
    3M 28 is an acetate cloth electrical tape with a rubber thermosetting adhesive. This tape shall be coated on one side with pressure sensitive adhesive, which shall not require heat, moisture or other preparation prior to or subsequent to application.

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  • 3M 80610910269 Replacement Blade, For 620 Tape Dispenser

    ID: 3M620BLADE
    Mfr ID: 80610910269
    3M replacement blade for use with 620 tape dispenser.


  • 3M 78805486566 Corrugated Blade, For Scotch® P50, P56, P56W Tape Dispensers

    ID: 3M78805486566
    Mfr ID: 78805486566
    3M corrugated blade for use with Scotch® P50, P56, P56W tape dispensers.

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  • 3M 50 Scotchrap™ All-Weather Corrosion Unprinted Vinyl Protective Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 50
    3M Scotchrap tape 50 is a premium-grade, 10 Mil thick, all-weather, PVC backing tape. It withstands temperatures of -55 to 176 deg F (-48 to 80 deg C). This high-tack adhesive tape offers resistance to corrosion, impact, abrasion and puncture, making it suitable for use on metal piping systems, conduits and fittings both above and below ground.


  • 3M 58 Polyester Electrical Tape, 1" x 72 yd x 3.3 mil, Translucent

    ID: 3M58X1
    Mfr ID: 80611431836
    3M polyester film electrical tape 58 is a general purpose polyester tape with thermosetting rubber adhesive. Designed for insulating applications requiring a thin, durable tape with high dielectric strength. It can withstand higher-temperature conditions than tapes with acetate cloth backings.


  • 3M 62 Printable PTFE Electrical Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: 62
    3M acetate cloth electrical tape 62 is an aesthetically pleasing acetate cloth tape offering excellent conformability in coil-wrapping applications up to 105 deg C plus excellent absorption of electrical insulating resins and varnishes. Great for use on high temperature coils, capacitors and wire harnesses.

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  • 3M CN-3190 EMI Nickel on Copper-Plated Polyester Fabric Shielding Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: CN-3190
    3M EMI shielding fabric tape CN-3190 is an anti-corrosion, metalized, polyester rip-stop fabric with unique electrically conductive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It provides effective copper-nickel shielding with excellent flexibility and conformability as well as being lightweight and high strength.


  • 3M M82 Scotch® Definite Length Tape Dispenser, 4", Gray, 1/Case

    ID: 3MM82
    Mfr ID: 78806939084
    Scotch definite length dispenser M82 to improve efficiency and reduce waste by dispensing lever-controlled lengths of tape.


  • 3M M96 Scotch® Definite Length Tape Dispenser, 1", Tan, 6/Case

    ID: 3MM96
    Mfr ID: 78804230916
    Scotch definite length dispenser M96 is able to dispense a piece of tape from 3/4 - 5 Inch in length and is ideal for applications where repeated and frequent taping is required, such as wrapping, box sealing, carton sealing and reinforcing and bundling applications. Durable high impact construction for years of heavy use.

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  • 3M Super 20 Epoxy Printable Electrical Tape

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: Super 20
    3M epoxy film electrical tape Super 20 is a 5 Mil total thickness, high dielectric, flame retardant tape. The tape has an acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive that has resistance to heat, oxidation, solvent and oils. The tape shall perform at a temperature of 311 deg F without loss of physical or electrical properties.

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  • 3M 8420 Black Cold Shrink Insulator, 2-1/0 AWG, 61 mm, 203 mm

    ID: 3M8425-8
    Mfr ID: 3M8425-8
    3M™ Cold Shrink Connector Insulators 8420 Series are open-ended, tubular, rubber sleeves which are factory expanded and assembled onto a removable core. The core is removed after the tube has been positioned for installation over an inline connection, terminal lug, etc., allowing the tube to shrink and form a water-resistant seal. The insulating tube is made of EPDM rubber which does not contain chlorides or sulfur.


  • 3M CeQuin™ II-Inorganic Insulating Paper Roll

    Multiple item options available
    Mfr ID: CeQuin™ II-RL
    3M™ CeQUIN™ II-Inorganic Insulating Papers are 3M's highest inorganic-content papers - comprised primarily of glass fibers and microfibers, inorganic filters, and less than 10% organic binders. CeQUIN I paper is a highly flexible paper available in continuous roll stock in thicknesses ranging from 5 Mil (0.13 mm) to 30 mil (0.76 mm). See Table 1 for Typical Product Properties of standard thicknesses of CeQUIN I, II paper. Other thicknesses are available on special order.

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